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Career counselors have no idea what they're talking about. It's our mission at Engineered Truth to be everyone's career consultant. We're tired of seeing people force themselves into dying careers while there are industries out there that don't have enough talent. Our mission at Engineered Truth is to help you align your skills with the demands of today's world. And sometimes that means working for yourself.

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Why I Started Engineered Truth

In 2011, I was a junior Mechanical Engineer major at Cal State Long Beach. I saw many friends study useless majors. It pained me to see them waste their time and resources on majors that were not going to lead to a successful career. On August 1st, 2011, I created the YouTube channel Engineered Truth with the intent to help people choose better career paths.

In the beginning, I was a proponent of Business, Healthcare, and Engineering but after being fired from all 3 of my engineering jobs, I had to find another way to be successful which lead me to entrepreneurship & self-employment. I decided to never return to engineering and to focus on YouTube full-time when I only had 4,300 subscribers and was making roughly $300 per month.

Fast Forward to today, I now have a team of 7 people working on Engineered Truth and started my second company Remotise.com, a job board focused on remote or partially remote job opportunities.

Matt Tran

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