Monthly Archives: April 2015

2 Upcoming Videos with RCKTSHP

The first video I did with RCKTSHP was

They really liked how the video came out.

They want to work on 2 more videos together, and see where things go from there. RCKTCHP is the most successful partnership that I've had. I'm also hoping that the Canadian geared content will win me more fans from Canada. The next video I'll be doing for them is,  “Is Prestige Really Worth the Cost?” where I get working adults from all over USA and Canada to talk about if they believe a prestigious university is worth the increase in cost. That video is planned to be released in 3 days.

Finding a Good Job is like Finding a Good Partner

The baby boomers usually married young and stayed married. They also found jobs and stayed at that job for their whole career.

Our culture is now 180 of that. We like to date around and job jump a lot. It's what we got to do now, and it's almost expect. Finding a good partner these days require us to get a lot of experiences so we can learn what we want and recognize quality. The same goes for a job, we need to try as many different types of jobs as possible so that when we  have a good one, we recognize it and treat it good. Just like how we would treat a good partner. Link below is a sample session 1-on-1 career session where I talked about this: