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Megaworld Takes Over Cebu City

A property boom has begun. The trend of investing in real estate and the hype of owning a condominium is becoming the rule rather than the exception in today’s day and age. Every person is a prospective buyer, they say. This phenomenon is taken advantage of by real estate developers and is a perfect shot for the competitive few to make their own mark in leveling up the playing field—Taft Properties, Avida Land Corporation, Ayala Land, Alveo Land—name it all.

Megaworld Corporation has but spread its roots long before any developer could plant a seed. By the onset of its ‘township' projects and being the brain that operationalized the live-work-play-learn community concept, Megaworld has set the standard by bringing everything closer. The perfect theory of living was made possible and was finally given truth by this property giant. To add, Megaworld has received major and ‘highly commended’ awards for its various developments all over the country that made it on top of the game. For two consecutive years now, Megaworld owns the prestigious title of the Best Developer in the Philippines, along with that are eight other major awards and 17 highly commended citations—reportedly the most for any real estate company this year. All throughout the years, the company has kept its signature in developing state-of-the-art projects starting from its very first township, Eastwood City, followed by Newport City, Forbes Town Center, Uptown Bonifacio, and McKinley Hill, down to its very first integrated township development outside of Manila—The Mactan Newtown—in Cebu City.

Photo: Megaworld executives receiving this year's "Best Developer" award, along with eight other major awards and 17 highly commended citations—reportedly the most for any real estate company this year (Inquirer)

Looking at that excellent track record, it is an established truth that Megaworld has definitely hit the mark in bringing a condominium living into the right setting.

Have you now decided to look up Megaworld Corporation? No?

That is exactly why you need to.

Aside from the prime city of the country, Metro Manila, Cebu City is the second most important metropolis which serves as a major contributor to the Philippine economy. It has a large concentration of potential investors, a skilled workforce, and young educated millennials. For the productive Queen City of the South, not an eyebrow should be raised as to why Megaworld has set its eyes on this place for yet another world-class development which will go above and beyond every Cebuano’s expectations. There is no denying the fact that Megaworld has seen the vast developmental potential of Cebu and it being a smart investment choice. You should too.

Mactan Newtown is Taking Cebu to a Whole New Level

A complete 30-hectare project from a 30-billion investment of Megaworld Corporation is the newest talk of the town, The Mactan Newtown. With the inclusion of a luxury resort, the township offers an added spice of ‘by the beach’ component to the “live-work-play-learn” development concept of Megaworld. One of the features that separates it from all other township developments of Megaworld, except for Boracay Newcoast. From the three stellar residential condominiums spanning 9 towers, to the establishment of more than three office buildings, down to the existence of a prestigious academic institution and a shopping center, Mactan Newtown offers an exceptional convenience and a world-class experience all squeezed into one setting. This particular township is well into its development phase,  with first phase par excellence exemplified.

Photo: A portion of The Mactan Newtown showing its three-residential condominiums (2017)

By bringing this winning project to town, Megaworld has proven to be a force not to be reckoned with in terms of delivering a lifestyle on a grander scale.

Showcasing premiere residential developments, as mentioned above, Mactan Newtown bring forth first-class recreational amenities which are in accordance of a theme-based living. These are the kind of facilities that rank first in the Philippines and the second in Asia.


8 Newtown Boulevard

A four-towered residential condominium composed of 18 that pays high regard to Japanese traditionalism and zen architecture. Imaginative amenity concepts and designs are formulated to create a Japanese aura such as horizon-edge swimming pool, some indoor and outdoor spas, an origami room, an ikebana room, a bonsai and Niwa-Japanese garden, a koi pond, a gym and fitness center, and also an outdoor dining area.

Photo: 8 Newtown Boulevard with Clusters 1 & 3 already sold out

Photo: 8 Newtown Boulevard boasting its 61-meter horizon edge pool

This particular project has received the renowned awards of Best Condo Development, Best in Architectural Design, and Best in Residential Interior Design from the 2016 Philippine Property Awards.


One Pacific Residences

It offers a wide variety of recreational amenities which are created for the sole purpose of catering to your fitness needs. This development is particularly aiming to bring an active lifestyle to a grand design. As such, the project is built with a complex swimming pool with an in-pool lounge, the aqua gym pool, a five-storey high wall rock climbing, an outdoor fitness station, a jogging path, a tennis court, a culinary station, and many more.

Photo: Project Development of One Pacific Residences as of May 2017
Turn over date: 2018


One Manchester Place

This project offers you a chance for an immersion to an actual European lifestyle with your family directly at the forefront of each amenity. It includes a 25-meter swimming pool complex with an in-pool lounge and paved wooden sundeck, gym and fitness area, Tai Chi area, reflexology path, children's day care center, business center, state-of-the-art game room, and a function room.

Photo: One Manchester Place as of May 2017
Turnover: 2021

Because Why Not

All of this deliberation boils down to one very specific question which needs you to be as decisive as you can be: Why invest? Why The Mactan Newtown?


  1. Cebu is a Booming Metropolitan

Considering the boom of the BPO industry in Cebu City and the fast-paced regional growth of the three principal islands with Visayas on the lead, it is of no issue that Megaworld has taken a stand to develop and bring Cebu to its greatest potential. As a direct consequence of this phenomenon, The Mactan Newtown is now considered as the next vibrant business hub in Cebu City as it is envisioned to generate more than a thousand jobs.

Photo: Lights up, Cebu!

  1. Strategic Location

The township is located 8 kilometers away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport which only makes a ten-minute drive at the very least and a fifteen-minute drive or more on a busy day of the week. This strategic location in Cebu has already captured the heart of local, most especially, international tourists and investors.

Photo: A map showing the short distance separating The Mactan Newtown and MCIAA

  1. Cultural and Historical Site

Mactan Newtown is placed very near the historical figures of Cebu's beloved past—the oldest Sto. Niño Parish Church, one of the oldest relics in the Philippines; Mactan Shrine, a famous site in commemoration of Lapu-Lapu, Ferdinand Magellan, and the Battle of Mactan; and lastly, the replica of Magellan's Galleon Victoria, the ship used by Magellan to circumnavigate the globe. These facts alone make Mactan Newtown a perfect spot for tourism.

Photo: In front of The Mactan Newtown township is the infamous Sto. Niño de Cebu-Mactan Parish

  1. Special Economic Zone

The Mactan Newtown is already considered by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority as a special economic zone, which entitles it some tax benefits.

Photo: Drone shots of the entire surroundings from the POV of The Mactan Newtown

  1. By the Beach Lifestyle

At the Mactan Newtown, people will enjoy both the laid-back resort-style surroundings as well as the allure of being in the fastest growing and most business-friendly economic center of the Philippines as the township keeps the former Portofino Beach, or now as the Mactan Newtown Beach, to a direct access.

Photo: Mactan Newtown Beach


As most risk-takers say,


“Don't think of cost.

Think of value.”


Does that ring a bell for you now? No?
Think again.

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