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The Story of How I Got Fired From My Engineering Internship (SCRIPT)

In 2009, I got an internship at a company called SoCal Gas, which is part of Sempra Energy a Fortune 500 company. My starting pay was $21.50 per hour which is a lot more than I ever earned in my life. And I thought wow I'm done for life, I'm going to stay at this company for the rest of my life and it's going to be great. Before I started the internship, I knew work would be work, but I thought it would be decently fun. I was wrong

The internship was significantly worst than I thought.

  1. The work was tedious. Some of it was just plain data entry. A lot of it was filling out technical paperwork so we can deliver gas to new businesses. And I know a common objection I get when I say this is,  “Oh Matt, well you have to work your way up to get the more complicated work” and to counter that argument is that even thought I was just an intern, I knew what the senior engineers were doing because we all worked in the same office. And when I saw what they were doing, it was also tedious, but what they were doing had more consequences if there were errors.
  2. Large old companies have a strict corporate culture that doesn't appeal to millennials. One example is that there's a lot of tedious paperwork when I was working and my boss wouldn't let me wear headphones to listen to music because she said it looks unprofessional. Which is ridiculous. Another example one time I was 5 minutes late one day and my boss yelled at me for being 5 min late, whereas a lot of younger companies give more flexibility of when employees have to come in because they know thing happen in the morning


And so because I hated it so much. I would show up late all the time, and sometimes I would show up several hours late. And I was given 2 warnings about it, and so after I finished a major project for the company, I was called into a meeting room. My boss was there and the human resources manager was there and I knew what was going to happen. She said I was being fired for my previous performance and for being late, but I asked, “but I haven't been late or did anything wrong in the past 2 weeks so why am I being fired now. And she couldn't give me a straight answer. I remember that drive home feeling so ashamed and guilty to tell my parents. And when I told my parents they gave me a lecture saying that I need to be an adult, and I should've taken my job more seriously, but at the same time, I felt a bit relieved that I could finally move on my with my life because that company is a trap. People can easily spend their whole careers there because the pay is good.

I looked up the laws about firing people and I found out based on how I was fired I could collect unemployment benefits. So I applied for unemployment benefits and got it. And the reason I was able to get employment benefits because when a company fires an employee that employee has to have a third strike and since I didn't commit a third strike, I was able to collect unemployment benefits. Also since that was during the recession Obama extended unemployment benefits by 6 months so I was able to collect benefits for a year, and the amount I receive in benefits is based on my highest earning quarter and since I was a fulltime employee during the summer, what was I was getting for unemployment benefits was the same as if I was working 20 hours per week. What started off a tragedy ended up being a blessing because I was able to pay for my last year in college without having to work.

Being fired for the first time sucked, but I'm glad it happened. I wouldn't be able to be working remotely here in the Philippines if I had stayed at that job.

How to get a shitload of legal services for $20 / month

One of my subscribers introduced me to some big time representatives of LegalShield. I listen to what their app does and I was amazed. The services it offers for $20 /month is a huge bargain and is a must have for any adult.

I wish I knew about this app years ago, there's been a few times I could've used this in my life:

  1. I was renting an apartment in LA, and my bottom neighbor would come up and threaten me because he said I made too much noise while walking around in my apartment. In the lease it said I could break it if I felt threatened. Even with the property manager backing up everything I said, the office still made me find a replacement to break my lease. If I had LegalShield, they could've called the office on my behalf and I would've been able to just walk away from the lease.
  2. I just bought a condo in the Philippines (see this video). I reviewed my own contract, but it would've been much better to have a lawyer from LegalShield review it
  3. Every time I've been pulled over by cops at night, they will threaten me to search my stuff until I let them. If I had LegalShield, I could've just called the emergency line and protected myself from a search.

Click here to learn more about LegalShield

If you want to learn more about what LegalShield can do check out my video here:

Real Estate Agent: Reality vs Expectations

My guest Bryan is one of the most successful real estate agents I've met. In his first year as an agent he sold 15 houses. He makes cold calls and goes door-to-door everyday. In just 3 years, he runs his own small team out of his office. Check out the video here:


In just three years in the business, Bryan has been able to afford a Nissan Skyline and a brand new house. You can check it out on his YouTube channel here:


Bryan sells a great door knocking mastery course. Here's a sample video:

Here's a promo video for the course:


If you want to get the course, you can grab it here with this link:

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.35.14 PM








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Being political on Engineered Truth, unsubscribes < subscribes

I'm still growing despite several people announcing that they're unsubscribing

Recently, I did a livestream slamming Donald Trump.

In the comments, many people announced that they unsubscribed. But my channel has grown faster than it has ever before since I started livestreaming and being more opinionated.



The green arrows mean positive growth.

I'll lose about 50 – 150 subscribers immediately after a opinionated livestream then I'll start gaining as people start to trickle in.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.31.37 AM

If you're a Tai Lopez fan, you're not a subscriber I want

I know it's off-topic from my channel's purpose, but honestly on-topic videos get boring. I can only talk about coding bootcamp, and engineering so much before I want to talk about something else. It also allows me to filter subscribers that don't align with my values. If you're a Tai Lopez follower, you're not a subscriber I want to have. If you're a Donald Trump supporter, we can still be friends.  I actually agree with some of what Trump says. I don't think he has actionable plans to do anything, and exaggerates how much “America is losing.” My political stance is moderate so I align more with Hillary Clinton (though I recognize she comes with a host of problems).


My 4 core values

  1. Be realistic
  2. Be accountable for my life
  3. Do what works
  4. Be consistent

My core values align a lot with Republican core values, but unfortunately many follow their core values only when it benefits them directly (which defeats the purpose of core values). I want to make content for people that align with my values and don't mind losing the rest. I'll talk in-depth about this in my next blog posts.


Sharing leads to growth and so does talking about trending key words, especially when it pisses people off

Even after yesterday's opinionated livestream, my channel still gained subscribers over night. Politics has a way of stirring people's emotions which leads people to sharing my video even if they hate my guts, but inconsequently that leads to an increase in subscribers. Doing livestream also helps me boost my minutes watched up by a lot, resulting an increase in my YouTube ranking. It also allows me to use trending key words like Donald Trump & Tai Lopez which help my ranking as well. You might slam me for being opportunistic, but every other YouTube channel does this. I'm just being open about it.






Seth’s Digital Marketing Course is actually helping people get jobs

Early this year, I did a interview on my channel with Seth about his 5 year career of being a digital marketing manager. Google makes  most of its $60 billion revenue from ads on Google & YouTube, Mark Zuckerberg is worth 46 billion because of the ads on Facebook. Companies continue to pour in billions of dollars per year into digital ads because they're seeing a positive return on investment. Check out this video to learn more about this growing industry:

I was a bit nervous about plugging Seth's course because I wasn't sure if it would actually get people jobs. Fast forward a few months later, Seth has forwarded me all the emails from people who got jobs with just the information from his course. Here are some of the best:



Now I can feel guilt free about promoting the course because I know it can actually get you a job in digital marketing. There's a few videos of the course for free, check it out:


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.44.08 AM

Pre-order my book on Amazon!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.17.48 PM

Hey all,

I'm super excited to announce that my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon (click on the link to order).

It is a complete and easy-to-read guide on starting your career. Perfect for people that are struggling to get their career started. I didn't write much fluff, it's pure content. It ships out 4/5/2016!



The #1 Internship marketplace exclusively for college students and recent grads.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.31.16 PM

If you've tried looking for internships or jobs on websites like LinkedIN, Monster, or Indeed. Chances are you're not getting many interviews because you're applying against people that are much more qualified. WayUp reached out to me and asked me to check out their website. Every company that posts a position on WayUp is specifically looking for a college student or a new grad (you must have a .edu to sign up!). WayUp made me a dummy account so I could take a look inside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.31.04 PM

I was quite impressed. There's no cover letters! When applying to a job, you just answer 1-3 free response questions, which is a lot easier than writing individual cover letters. It also makes applying to jobs a lot easier since your profile is saved. No need to keep filling out the same annoying forms.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.24.31 PM

Overall the website is beautiful and is exactly what I would've wanted when I was looking for internships. If you want to check out WayUp, use my link: http://www.wayup.com/refer/engineeredtruth (I get 0.75 cents for each sign up, Wayup is 100% free to students).