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Engineered Truth Premium RELEASED

About 2 months ago, I sent out an email asking if you would be interested in an Engineered Truth Netflix.

The overwhelming response was YES.

After working on it for 2 months, it's finally here: Engineered Truth Premium

What's included inside ET Premium?

1. Fast Track to Investing in Online Businesses – A concise A – Z guide on buying and investing in your first online business.

2. Crash Courses – 30-min courses on all the skills you need to build your digital empire.

3. Mindset Videos – An extension of my Rich Friends, Poor Friends series. 

Lessons I've learned from other membership websites:

No livestreams 
– Livestreams are great for those who can make it, but are useless for people who miss it. 

For ET Premium, I'm only going to focus on making high-quality video content that can be enjoyed at any time.

No Facebook Group – FB groups aren't a good place to have conversations because they're not organized clearly. 

We have a community built into our membership site that can be easily navigated.

Too Expensive – A lot of business/entrepreneur membership websites charge $49/mo or more, but don't offer enough value to justify staying.

For ET Premium, I want you to feel like ‘Wow, I'm only paying $19/mo for this information, but I feel like I'm getting $200/mo of value'

So how much is Engineered Truth Premium?

The price will be $29/mo for a month-to-month membership

And $57 for a 3-month membership (or $19/mo when broken down).

But as a one-time launch price, I'm offering this:

$19/mo for a month-to-month membership.

This offer will expire on Aug 1st, 2019 which is Engineered Truth's 8th birthday. 

Okay, that's super cheap. What gives?

Right now, ET Premium has enough content to get started. But there's still a lot to be added.

Here are some things I'll be adding this coming month:

All About Risks (Risks of investing in online business)FB Ads Crash CourseIs it worth doing business in the Philippines? Buying an Amazon FBA business case study and income report.
And of course, each month I'll be adding new high-quality video content.

By joining now, you're getting locked-in at a super low price that may not be available in the future.

There are more details to Engineered Truth Premium so click the link below if you're interested in joining.

Click here to learn more about Engineered Truth Premium

Learn how to own one profitable online business one after another without ever starting one

On July 1st (my 31st birthday), I bought 80% of Marc’s Amazon FBA business.

This picture is from when we signed the deal.

The business sells vape carrying cases and other accessories on Amazon.

Last year it made an avg. profit of $3,766.55 per month.

I bought 80% of the business for $60,000.

The business will bring me about $2,900 per month in income since I get 80% of the profit. Marc will keep 20% and his team will manage the business for me so I’m a complete passive investor.

Managing the business is super easy. He just has one of his employees order more inventory when we’re low.

For me to earn $2,900 in profit per month in real estate, I would have to buy a $400,000+ house.

That’s why investing in online businesses is so strong.

Buying 6 of these Amazon businesses would cost less than a $400,000 house. An Amazon FBA business pays itself back in 2.2 years assuming the sales remain steady (src: @empireflippers). But I already have some plans in place with @virtuousgraphics to increase sales.

You might be wondering why Marc would even want to sell 80% of his business. He wanted to take the money to buy more shares of his holdings company: Alpha Rock Capital. Because he believed if he put the money in before their next round of funding, he’ll double his money. Which he did.

In Engineered Truth Premium, I’ll be breaking down how this business deal went down and show complete income reports.

If you want to learn how to own one online business after another. Without ever having to start one. You can check out Engineered Truth Premium.

Learn how to own one profitable online business one after another without ever starting one here: https://premium.engineeredtruth.comShow less

Why Mechanical Engineering Is a Dead End

Mechanical engineering applies engineering, physics, Engineering Mathematics, and materials science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. It is actually one of the oldest and broadest disciplines in the category of engineering.

Some say that mechanical engineers are some of the most productive people in the world, but the job market for this profession is lacking. In fact, only 1 in 10 engineering grads will actually work as an engineer.

Engineering as a Career

Many engineers will choose to focus on a specific specialization, and mechanical engineers are just one group of people that choose to create solutions and solve problems. The problem with this is that hundreds, even thousands, of other people are thinking and wanting the exact same thing.

As a mechanical engineer, you may be responsible for researching and developing products, finding ways to improve production processes, designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications, and developing and using new materials and technologies − just to name a few.

Many people actually find that engineering isn't as glamorous as it is made out to be and many find themselves unhappy, bored, and feeling constricted − that is if they managed to even find a job.

They report the lack of creativity and ingenuity and even describe the work as being monotonous. Tesla's Induction motor and neon lighting were pretty exciting, though, right? Well, this isn't the norm in the industry. This view of dynamic wonder and inspired invention is often few and far between.

The Starting Salary

The median annual wage for a mechanical engineer in May 2018 was $87,730. The starting salary for a mechanical engineer − depending on skills, location, and experience − may also be much lower than this.  A typical entry-level education for a mechanical engineer position is a bachelor's degree. To gain this level of education, it is going to cost you a lot in the way of time and money with no guarantee of a decent paying job placement in the future.

A Very Broad Category

Are you really willing to spend all that time and money to earn the title of a mechanical engineer if you know how hard it is to actually land a job out of school? There are approximately 30,000 graduates each year, and there are only 2,500 job openings available. So, thousands of these graduates are going to find themselves without a job, and instead, they will be saddled down with crippling student loan debt, mounting bills, and a good amount of desperation.

Not really what a fresh graduate sees for their future, right?

Even saying 1 out of 10 will land a job is being awfully generous. While many may throw insults and get upset that we seem to be downplaying a once robust career, the truth is, that we are just thinking about the data. As an engineer, you learn to think logically and efficiently. You have to be unbiased with the data. So, why is this any different?

Don't believe us? Research it yourself. You can find this same information in less than fifteen minutes with a few simple Google searches. So, what can you do to avoid this heartache and incredible waste of time and money?

Consider focusing on more technology-based jobs rather than the dead end a mechanical engineering career offers.

Technology vs. Mechanical Engineering Jobs

When you are in school and thinking about the job market you are about to enter; you want to make sure that you are going into an industry that is in demand. Don't put yourself in a position of graduating from school as a mechanical engineer and not being able to land a job. Instead, choose a viable skill; choose something that companies just can't live without.

We are in a very digitally driven age, and technology plays a very critical role in the success and growth of business. Therefore, you need to recognize this and take advantage of the opportunity. Visual marketing and web development, for example, are two positions that companies are always scrambling to fill.

There is a high demand for these jobs because all of these companies are in competition with each other and higher search rankings, more traffic, and more sales all mean higher success. Visual elements are key components to a business's marketing campaign, so they need people who can create this essential visual branding.

Web development is another facet to consider because this is what a company uses to increase their product knowledge, maintain communication with their potential clients, sell their products, and generate more leads. There are millions of websites currently making an appearance on the internet. Web development is always needed to create websites that stand apart from the competition and get the business noticed. It is a very in-demand job that you can take advantage of.

The Rise of Software Engineers

Software engineers combine the scientific knowledge of engineering with technical skills and apply these principles and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games and apps, and even run network control systems.

Software engineer employment is projected to grow much faster than the averages for all other occupations. This is due to the increased demand for new apps to be used on smartphones and mobile devices. Companies need this technology to thrive, so the demand for software developers continues to grow. You will find that there are 49,000 available software engineering jobs compared to only 6,000 mechanical engineering jobs.

Switching Positions

If you are currently in school and almost finished with your program, then go ahead and finish and try your luck at landing a job. You could also consider switching. Data science is another career that can prove to be lucrative. They are responsible for business analytics and building data products and software platforms. Data scientists have been known to earn a six-figure income on average, and the demand for this skillset is growing exponentially.

Don't find yourself going the route of a dead end job like mechanical engineering. Instead, use those smarts to find a career path in something that is much more in demand. Emerging technologies are going to continue to be responsible for in-demand jobs, and data scientists have held the number one best job in America position for years now, according to Glassdoor.

Consider all this data before choosing to continue as a mechanical engineer. You may find that your skills are better suited elsewhere.

Interested in a digital marketing career? Click here for my digital marketing playlist. Find out how you can get a good job in digital marketing without having a degree.

You can also join the conversation in the Engineered Truth FB Group by clicking here.


Get drinks with elite-level entrepreneurs

Go home with high-status pictures and videos for your personal brand


What's going down

A mastermind is a meeting of like-minded people helping one another to get shit done.
But a mastermind is only as good as the people who are in it.

Join my team and I on a four day event that you’ll never forget.

So picture this… You’re grabbing an unlimited amount of drinks with me and a handful of brilliant people on a rooftop bar, overseeing the beautiful Metro Manila cityscape.

Sounds great, but is it all business?  Fuck, no.

We have some amazing activities planned that will blow your fucking mind.

This isn’t for everybody.

This is for those who want to level up in life.

This is for those who want to build their personal brand, network with elite entrepreneurs, and build lasting relationships in one of the most exotic countries in the world.

Note: We will have photographers and videographers on site. You will receive high quality, personalized photographs of your time at this event.

We want you to build an impressive portfolio with footage and images that you can utilize to enhance your personal brand.

Here’s what’s going down in this exclusive mastermind event:

Day 1: The moment you arrive, you will have a personal driver pick you up from the airport and take you to the 5-star hotel, I’M Hotel. From there, get settled, get dressed, and come meet me upstairs at the famous Antidote Rooftop Bar.

Grab unlimited drinks and get to know the other mastermind attendees, my team, and I.

Day 2: Get your morning coffee and fuel up at the breakfast bar before you join me and my special guest speakers at the Engineered Truth Mastermind at the exclusive Manila House (the only private clubhouse in Metro Manila).

You’ll meet Joe Magnotti, CEO of Empire Flippers, Anthony Cofrancesco, founder of Brainy Flights, and other special guests.
Day 3: Pack a day bag as we’ll head to Tagaytay, home of the island inside a lake inside an island inside a lake inside an island. Seriously, look it up.

Here in Tagaytay, you’ll be part of an amazing outreach program where we will be volunteering our time at the Little Angel’s Home Orphanage. Play games, join activities and be part of something greater than yourself.

This is not only an amazing chance to give back, but we will have a videographer and photographer on site to capture the event.

At the end of the day, we will be checking in at the luxurious Escala Hotel with an overlooking view of Taal Lake.

Here, Joe Magnotti, my team, and I will be providing a 1 on 1 consultation with you.

We will review your short and long-term goals and provide custom feedback and actionable tasks to help you achieve your goals.

Day 4:
 You’re on a yacht, bitch. It’s your last full day, so let’s fucking party. I’m talking unlimited drinks, all you can eat buffet, and an island excursion.
Day 5: You’re heading back home.

Personal Branding


In this mastermind, you'll go home with 3 things:

1. Friends and connections with elite-level entrepreneurs

2. High-status pictures and videos that you can use for your personal branding
3. An individualized roadmap for your success developed by Joe Magnotti, my team and I


Day 1

EVENING:Arrive at I'M Hotel. 10 PM – 2 AM | Drinks at the rooftop bar

Day 2

MORNING:11 AM | Mastermind meet-up at Manila House

11:15 AM | Presentation by Anthony on travel hacking

12:00 PM | Presentation by Matt on content marketing

12:30 | PM Surprise presentation

1 PM – 4 PM | Breakout into mastermind groups

AFTERNOON: 4 PM – 7 PM: Personal time to digest mastermind content

EVENING: 7PM+ | Meet up for open-ended drinking


Day 3

MORNING: 9 AM | Head to Escala Hotel

10:30 AM – 4 PM | 1-on-1 consulting with Joe Magnotti & Matt Tran

AFTERNOON: 4:30 PM – 7 PM | Outreach at Little Angel's Home Orphanage

EVENING: 7 PM – 10 PM | Finish 1-on-1 consulting with Joe Magnotti & Matt Tran


Day 4

MORNING: 10 AM | Group up and head to yacht

AFTERNOON: 12 PM | Arrive at Corregidor Island and explore ruins

EVENING: Socialize & drink on yacht while taking lifestyle footage


Day 5


You'll go home with personal branding pictures and videos from the whole mastermind.

This is an all-inclusive event. Everything is included in the price from A – Z.

Hotel, food, drinks, transportation, yacht, conference room, and airport transport are all included in the price (flight not included).

Are you interested?

We're limiting the mastermind to only 10 attendees. To apply, click on the link below and fill out the application.

If we like your attitude, we'll schedule an online interview with you.

Only apply if you're willing to commit to going to the mastermind.

How Much Does A YouTuber With 200,000 Subscribers Make?

UPDATE 8/4/2017: I currently have 240,000 subscribers. I make ~$12,000 per month. $3,000 comes from YouTube ad revenue and $9,000 comes from selling this digital marketing course. If you want to learn how to create your own infotainment YouTube channel you can get my course here: HowToYouTube.com

A couple months ago I went public with how much I made from my YouTube channel:

I make roughly $11,000 per month. About 65% of it comes from the affiliate cut I get from selling this online course.

About 30% comes from YouTube Ad Revenue:

And about 5% comes from other sponsorships, affiliates and partnerships like the one I have with WayUp where they pay me $0.75 for each user I get to sign up for their website.

I also get perks:

  • I attended a coding bootcamp in exchange for videos. They provided housing
  • I get free premium accounts to several platforms like Wix, Shopify, etc.
  • I've sold 3 condos in the Philippines with this video. I earned a 2% commission from each sale so I roughly made $7,500 from that video.

I'd like to address 2 FAQs:

Question: There's no way you're making that amount! I know YouTubers with way more subscribers and they only make a fraction of that! You're lying!

Answer: While it is true that more views and subscribers does generally mean more money, there are 2 things that are often misunderstood when it comes to making money off YouTube.  (1) Views are worth a different amount depending on the industry. Since I'm in the education industry my views are worth a lot more than views in the entertainment industry. The ads played on my channel are more expensive therefore YouTube pays me more money. (2) Since I'm helping someone with their career it makes sense for me to sell something that helps them with their career. The easiest thing to sell is education because if people can see themselves making money from the knowledge (e.g. college, coding bootcamps) then it's easy to convince them why it's worth the cost.

Question: That's really interesting Matt. I'm thinking about starting a channel myself. Would it be cool if we could jump on a call so I can ask you a few questions?

Answer: I just released a course on how to make a successful infotainment channel:HowToYouTube.com. In the course, I give my best advice and layout strong paradigm shifts in how you will go about creating a channel. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!


Take a look at my course if you want to make your own YouTube channel!


How To Make Money From Udemy (Creator and Affiliate) ft. SideHustleNation

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can enroll to different courses. This platform was launched in 2010, and now hosts more than 45,000 courses. Udemy allow instructors to build their own courses and developed tools in order for them to upload videos, Powerpoint presentations, PDFS, audio, zip files and live classes. This platform has 14 categories where users can choose what course they are interested to. One of its good courses is ‘Kindle Launch Plan: Publish and Market an Amazon Bestseller’ by Nick Loper of SideHustleNation. Nick Loper is an online entrepreneur and has his own podcast show which is a top podcast in iTunes    

Nick launched his first course on Udemy in 2014. This course is based on his own experience as a self-published author. He has more than 5 books on Amazon which are all available and are earning him passive income. The success of these kindle books led to making the Kindle Launch Plan course. Its lifetime earning is now $13,597.


Udemy also help instructors to promote their courses.

How to make a course on Udemy?

Let’s start with the production. You have to prepare your video or presentation that you will use as a tool to teach your students. Prepare it as soon as you can because making a video will eat so most of your time. You can use everything you already have to minimize expenses just like what Nick did. Using his wife’s dslr and web camera he was able to record and produce videos and finished his course in a month. .

When marketing your book, try giving it out for free to as many people as you can. The goal is to get at least 1,000 reviews so that the Udemy algorithm will start promoting your course. This strategy can also be done on Amazon.

How to be UDemy Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who sells courses on Udemy to get a commission. Anyone can start selling Udemy courses as long as they own their own website and have a little bit of traffic. To start, just grab an affiliate link from Udemy!

Udemy gives a 40% affiliate cut to their affiliates. Pick a niche, get some traffic by writing blogs or review in that niche, then put affiliate links to courses in that niche. You can model after Nick Loper’s blog here.

Udemy is currently having a sale where most courses are only $10! Use my referral link to take get the discount: http://engineeredtruth.com/udemy (Offer ends 4/29/2017)

Be sure to check out SideHustleNation: http://www.sidehustlenation.com/

Learn more about making money on Udemy by clicking the video below:


How To Prepare For A Coding Bootcamp

If you are planning to take a coding bootcamp, there are things you should consider before your first day at camp. If you enrolled on a Web Development bootcamp then you can apply these tips.

  1.     Go to FreeCodeCamp.com and do everything until advance algorithm & scripting.

FreeCodeCamp is an open source community that can help you to learn code. There’s no need to do advance algorithm and scripting on this community in order to be ready for bootcamp. But if you have more time, then do it. That will make you more ready for bootcamp. With FreeCodeCamp you can learn skills like JavaScript.

  1.       Get additional practice with html/css by creating a personal portfolio, and cloning websites that you like

After learning on FreeCodeCamp you can try making your own good projects and put it on your portfolio. This can help you practice what you’ve learned and easily apply it on bootcamp. You can also try to clone a website you like.

  1. Take an online AngularJS course. I like Teamtreehouse's course much more than codeschool or codecademy.

After learning and applying JavaScript, HTML and CSS, take an online AngularJS course. One of the good online AngularJS courses is Teamtreehouse. You can learn web design and coding from more than 1000 videos on this course. Here's an affiliate link to Team Treehouse: http://engineeredtruth.com/TTH

  1. You don't need to learn bootstrap

You don’t really need to learn bootstrap before attending bootcamp but it will be helpful for you to easily make a responsive website.

  1. You should absolutely learn code before going to a bootcamp to get the most out of it.

Before attending a bootcamp, it is important that you already know the basics because if you don’t it will be hard for you to learn advanced skills. Learning the basics while on the bootcamp will only eat your time that will result to learning few skills and waste of money and time.

My github profile: https://github.com/EngineeredTruth


Portfolio that I made before attending (has links to projects I made before attending):


This my current portfolio http://devtran.co/

The bootcamp I attended is called DevMountain: https://devmounta.in/?r=vgqM

Learn more tips by clicking the video below:


Breakdown of How I Make $10k/month from YouTube

I recently launched my course on how to be a YouTuber. You can find it at http://howtoyoutube.com/ . In this course I will discuss on how I do things on my YouTube. In order to do this, I have to breakdown my sources of income to show you how and why I do things. I created most of my videos to earn money and half of it is to help you with your career.

This is how much money, YouTube ad revenue is giving me. I earned $33,070.87 for the past year with just the YouTube itself.

And the year prior, from May 1, 2015 to May 1, 2016 I got $14, 006.65 from YouTube’s ad revenue.

And I earned $2,961.66 from ad revenue on my very first year which is from July 4, 2013 to July 4, 2014.

2015 to 2016 is also the year I’m having doubts on my channel. For me to solve this and continue to earn money, I do a lot of experiment on my YouTube channel. I sell digital marketing course called Indemandcareer where Seth, a business and entrepreneur coach help students to get a job on digital marketing and earn $60K / year. We both sell it for $97 per month and split it 50/50 where we both get $45 and clickbank gets $7. In the beginning we earned $300 a week from selling this course and after a few months we started earning thousands of dollars. Not only our profit increases but also we started receiving emails from students that they got a job after taking the course. I interviewed most of them, some of it are already posted on my YouTube channel and some are still haven’t published yet.

So, if you’re planning to make your YouTube channel, you’ve probably earn good money through selling someone’s online courses or your own course. I don’t mind selling someone’s course like Seth’s Indemandcareer. We both share expertise, he makes the course using his 5 years of experience in digital marketing and I promote it to my audience on my YouTube channel.

If you want to know more about my course, go to http://howtoyoutube.com/ . And SIGN UP NOW to get 50% off. Use HALFOFF code to get the course for only $49.50 instead of $100!

For free video from my course, just click the play button below.




How to Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business – 4 Steps from a Self-Made Millionaire

“Business is all about getting a lot exposure so people know who you are.”

With over 1.86 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is the easiest place to grow your business. Facebook is putting its game to whole next level especially their advertising since 2004. Over the years there are more than 4 million businesses are now advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising is important and helpful in your business. By using this you can select your audience or the people you want to read your advertisement or choose where and what time you want your ad to run. This platform will also help you monitor your page's performance/s by providing you statistics on how things are going.

John Lee, a self-made millionaire, CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons, the most popular event company share some tips on how to use Facebook Ads to grow your business.

1. Hook

If you want your audience to click your advertisement, you have to be specific with your content. For example, you are selling iPhone. You can write on your ad like “5 Reasons why you should buy iPhone instead of Samsung.” The audience should be hook on your content the first time they saw it. Some keywords you can use on your content are Free, Because, Steps To. These are words that can  open their curiosity.

2. Description has to match the hook

Your hook or the title of your ad should match your description. Sometimes clickbait don't really work on advertisements. In order for them to click this two should always match. Your ad's description should be short. Don't give so much information in the description, it should be short because Facebook don't let too long descriptions run.

3. Picture matches your hook

If you're product is about iPhone, then your image should be an iPhone. If it happened to be not, then it will lessen the click on your ads'.  

4. Strong call to action

Call to action is word or short sentence designed for your target audience that will instruct them to take an action like Call now, Buy now and Visit a store today!

5. Mobile Optimize your Ad

You have to make sure that your ad will fit on your audience's mobile that they don't have to scroll down and up form them to see it.

“If you're spending too much money is that these five tips are not meant.” John Lee added.

Click the video below if you want to grow your business using Facebook Ads:


The Most Elite Coding Bootcamp in Europe

Codeworks is one of the most elite coding bootcamp in Europe. They offer an immersive course that is for 3 months, 6 days a week. The main goal of this bootcamp is to help you understand enough advance Javascript to become a web developer. Subjects included in the course are CSS, Git, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, react, react native, meteor, SQL, MongoDB, and more.

Why is Codeworks is one of the most elite coding bootcamps in Europe?

1. Alessandro Zanardi, one of the co-founders is a graduate of Hack Reactor, one of the world’s best coding bootcamps and Arol Viñolas, the second co-founder, is a graduate with master’s degree in Computer Science from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.odeworks’ teaching method is a combination of new and old school education. Which is good for the students so they will learn both at the same time.

2. Codeworks’ acceptance rate is only 4% because of their difficult JavaScript entrance examination. The company is giving free JavaScript classes every Saturday in order for the interested students to pass the examination.

3. The students are required to be there 6 days a week for 11 hour days while a standard bootcamp would require 5 days a week, 8 hour days. Over the entire duration of the course this equates to over 300 more hours of practice.

Check out CodeWorks.me if you want to learn more. Use my coupon code ETruth to get €500 off your tuition!

At the end of every course, students will be able to make an entire applications and coding projects. If you want to see some Codework’s students’ project just CLICK the video below:

1 2 3