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1 Lessons from: Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend? [Frozen Parody]

Like everyone else who watched Frozen, I was hooked on its soundtrack. It's just too fucking ridiculous. Not only is it insanely catchy, but each song brings out strong emotions. When I listen to “Do you want to build a snowman?” it brings me back to my childhood when my sisters refused to play with me. “Let it go” makes me want to take off my clothes and run round my house.

Naturally, I searched YouTube for covers. I fucking love covers, sometimes they're better than the original. The only thing I love more than covers are parodies. Not only do they add a new twist to the song, but they also make me laugh.

I stumbled upon this parody by BarkadaInc:

It's just too awesome, lets go over how much win this is:

  • The Cinematography is good. The camera angles are good, the cuts are smooth. To get good outdoor lighting they had to WAIT for a cloudy day to diffuse sunlight. Without the clouds, sunlight creates too much contrast for cameras
  • The SINGING is actually good. The girl who sings it actually sounds like she would sing a Disney song. The lip-singing is on point, it's hard to get synced with the song.
  • It's FUCKING FUNNY, like really, the idea is great. The girl is so shameless in her pursuit for a boyfriend, it's super entertaining to watch
  • This is just a male thing, but it definitely helps that the girl is super attractive & adorable. In real life, a girl like her obviously never has a problem finding a boyfriend, but our male fantasies would like to believe it to be true

After watching this video, I wanted to know more about them. I was an instant fanboy #Shameless. I checked out the rest of their channel and their “about” tab. Their Frozen Parody hit 1 million views in a month, but their other videos hover around 5,000 views. They've been making videos for 5 years, this was their 1st one million viewed video.

I was shocked, they are just so fucking good. Here are some things I learned from this:

  • Title of a video is just as important as its content. A lot of their videos have obscure titles. It's like playing video roulette. One of their videos is titled, “Awww….” like what am I about to watch when I click on “Awww….”? I have no clue. On top of that, having the words [Frozen Parody] is HUGE since everybody is typing that in the search bar.
  • Practice & patience. Everything was 10/10 for the Frozen parody, but it took them 5 yrs of practice to get everything down: cinematography, audio, editing, and acting (There's substantial growth from their 1st video). If they stopped last year because their videos didn't catch fire, they would have never made the Frozen Parody. Hats off to them for not giving up.
  • They can do it again. Getting their 1st million viewed video is a big deal because after they've accomplish this ONCE, they know they can do it again. I hope they keep making videos because I love their content #StillShameless #StillFanboy

I rarely share content on my Facebook, but I shared their video. It's caused my friends and I a nice laugh. I hope they see the joy they bring to other people's lives, and hope they make enough money from ad revenue to take their channel more serious.

Lawls for days

Lawls for days

Matt Tran

2 How Social Media Fucks With Our Emotions

Change Apps, Change Emotions

Change Apps, Change Emotions

Today I woke up at 5 am.

No, it's not because I'm a super achiever entrepreneur tony robbins shit. Before I slept, I drank 3 Mike's Hard Lemonade. Drinking usually wakes me up in the middle of the night, and tonight was no different. Usually when this happens, I go take a piss, and go back to sleep. This time I couldn't, I was up.

It was too damn cold to get out of bed, so I reached for my phone to scroll thru Facebook. I questioned humanity. All I saw on facebook were post about “Top 10 things to do while being a shitty millennial” or people bragging about their lives in one way or another.

Here's how I feel when I go on Facebook:

I feel that most of my Facebook friends lack depth. They have not done any self-development at all. They are still seeking validation for things that don't deserve validation (going on a date, going to the gym, eating out). I mean if they started their own company, wrote a well written blog or something fucking cool, then I would love for them to share it. (Infact, one of my friend's started Humans of Socal, very cool idea). But going to the gym, or eating out…. means you are living an everyday normal fucking life. Stop sharing it because it's the same shit that everyone else is doing. Facebook makes me question the general population's ability to make original thought & content. Luckily, I follow pages like “Embarrassing Night Club Photos” and “Men's Humor” that provide me comedic relief.

After I finished scrolling thru Facebook's newsfeed. I switched over to Instagram, that was a mistake.

It's hard to put Instagram in words… because well… there are no words. Instagram bypasses any chance of having depth by keeping words to a minimum. It's impossible to be awkward on Instagram because you don't have enough room to write anything retarded. It also gives people permission to indulge in shameless self-love.


If I'm going to look at selfies, it might as well be of a hot Thailand actress

This is how Instagram makes me feel:

Most men have fled Instagram at this point, and it's now a  female dominated App., 90% of what people post are either pictures of themselves or pictures of their food. Neither I care to look at. If there is a female I  do want to look at, I will deliberately go to their Facebook page and lurk their photo album. I will then nonchalantly hit the like button for every picture I believe she is cute in. This is to plant the seed so she knows what's up next time I see her. Anyhow, back to Instagram, I don't think I'll ever become an avid user. Instagram doesn't make me laugh, or add knowledge, so I don't see the point. Maybe that's very caveman male thinking, but w/e it doesn't seem useful at all.

After I finished scrolling thru Instagram, I open up my Gmail account that is linked to YouTube . I can read all my comments and notifications from there. Nothing makes me feel more like a fucking boss than seeing new subscribers and getting positive comments.


This is how I feel when I'm on YouTube:

I feel like a motherfucking boss when I'm on my YouTube Channel. I feel like I have the most intelligent fans out there. People that like my channel have good taste, and have the potential to be amazing people. YouTube itself has the best content out there, better than any other platform. There are definitely trolls on YouTube comments, but it also has some of the funniest responses I've ever read in my life. I've had the fortunate opportunity to make incredible friendships through the YT community. YouTube is fucking perfect, don't you dare question its beauty. I see myself using YouTube for a long long time.

After checking my YouTube for updates, I made the mistake of checking my Okcupid. OKCupid is simultaneously the best free dating website, and the shittest way to meet someone. Lets see how ridiculous this app makes me feel:

Nothing makes me feel more like a retarded chode than this App. If I only dated girls from this app, you would only see me with fat girls. Fat girls that just watch shows on Netflix and take pictures of their food (aka a fat caterpillar lard). This app is really special because not only does it make me feel like a retarded chode, it also makes me feel insecure about my height and looks. We all know that the contents of a profile doesn't matter (that's why newer dating apps have minimal profiles). While girls are receiving 50 messages a day, I'm sending out 50 messages, and maybe getting one response. Not only is this a huge time burner, but also makes me feel unworthy. Girls I would never date in real life are rejecting me over the internet. What kind of mindfuck shit is that. While I'm writing this, I'm actually debating if I should delete my profile forever.

I thought about it, I decided not to make any rash decisions and kept it.

Lastly, lets talk about Yelp. Yelp is funny because it makes people want to write like they're some boss food critic. Bro, you are a person with a smart phone, lets not get crazy. At one point in my life, there was nothing more important to me than becoming a Yelp Elite. I'm an elitist in everything I do, so naturally I should be a Yelp Elite. I wrote Yelp reviews, and actually built a small fanbase from them.

Yelp didn't find my reviews as entertaining

Yelp didn't find my review for Tastea entertaining

However, even though many people raved about my reviews, the Yelp community manager didn't. He declined my request to be Yelp elite. Fuck that guy, who is he to judge me. Either way, it was big ego stroke for me to get Yelp compliments from people who thought I was funny.

I've ceased writing reviews because Yelp doesn't appreciate my humor 


How funny is it that I can go from one App and feel like a MOTHERFUCKING PIMPASS BOSS (YouTube), then use my thumb to slide over to another app and feel like an insecure bitch (OKCupid). It's amazing how these little words & pictures on a screen can effect our emotions because it's so real to us. Next time I start using a new App *cough* Tinder *cough*, I'm going to consider how the App makes me feel before deciding to persist with it.

Matt Tran

ps: I thought about OKCupid some more, I decided to deactivate my account, but didn't delete it. I may need it for the dark times that might come.