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The Story of How I Passed a Drug Test After Smoking Weed

The Story of How I Passed a Drug Test After Smoking Weed

  6 Years ago, I was a junior Mechanical Engineer student at Cal State Long Beach, and I had an interview with a company called Sempra Energy. This was my first time interviewing for a Fortune 500 company. I prepared and prepared so of course, I bomb the interview. There was just no way I got that job, and I felt so shitty about the interview that I went out that night and smoked weed.

  And so course a few days later they call me and told me I got a job, and they were going to pay me $21.50 per hour. I screamed on the phone “YEAH.” The human resources lady thought it was funny. So she told me I had 72 hours to go in and take a drug test at a lab, and then I remember I had just smoked weed a few nights ago. So, of course, I google this shit. Which resulted in drinking a lot of cranberry juice and running, I hate running, but I like cranberry juice

  I wasn’t feeling confident with just drinking cranberry juice and doing cardio so I went to a smoke shop and bought this drink called Rescue Detox Ice. So I guzzle this thing down, and I know it’s working because I start feeling lightheaded from drinking so much liquid and I’m also pissing out lime green Gatorade. I’m also seeing a bit of stars. I definitely wasn’t in the right state to drive, so course I drove to take the drugs test. I go take the drug test, and a few days later they told me I passed.

So the valuable life lesson in this blog is to do as many drugs as you want when you’re interviewing for a job.

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