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The Best Real Estate Investments in the Philippines: Uptown Bonifacio

If you are thinking of how to grow your money, then investing in real estate is a good place to start. Real estate investments will provide and secure you a regular income. In order to attain this, you have to make smart choices when buying your real estate. You have to think of places near to a developing city to ensure that you will have a renter.

Uptown Residences is located inside an exclusive 15 hectare internationally planned community by Megaworld which is the leading real estate developer in the Philippines. This 15-hectare community is called Uptown Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Matt's first real estate investment is Uptown Residences, he got a 37 square meter 1 bedroom unit for $136,000. This condominium will be turned over by 2019.     

Uptown Bonifacio as of March 2017

Why I chose the Philippines

Most of the cities in the US are already developed so there is a low return on investment. On the other hand, if you invest in a developing city like the Philippines, there is a big assurance of return investment. The Philippines is also one of the English-speaking countries in the world which is important in conducting meetings, asking for directions, making friends or just making a little conversation. This is also the Asia's fastest growing economy last year, which only means that the conversion of dollars to peso will still be higher. (latest conversion when this article is written: $1 is P50.19) This just shows that this is the perfect time to invest in the Philippines.  

Why I chose Uptown Bonifacio

Development – Megaworld is now building new residential condominiums including the Uptown Residences, mixed-use business and commercial developments. This area is also near the zone where British, Japanese, and American international schools are located.

Safety – Comparing to other cities in the Philippines, in order to enter Bonifacio Global City, people either commute through the designated BGC bus, rented taxis or your own car which makes it more prosper. Also, there are securities on the different area and there are patrolling around the city which is all helpful in terms of security and to assist you with directions.   

Flood-free Zone – Most of the cities in Metro Manila have been experiencing flood for so many years know but now with Bonifacio Global City. BGC is the only and first city in the Philippines with flood prevention. There is a five-story cistern located in Burgos Circle which will collect rainwater and will soon be flushed to Manila Bay. Some of the cities in Metro Manila are planning to adopt this project.

Business Buildings – Uptown Bonifacio is just across the Google Office, Andrew Tan's new Headquarter a known billionaire and owner of Mcdonalds here in the Philippines which will give you an advantage on other residences in terms of future renters. Also, Globe Telecommunication building one of the leading Philippine internet providers is just walking distance from Uptown Bonifacio. And the Philippine Stock Exchange building will be move inside BGC.    

Lifestyle – In terms of social value, three hottest clubs in the Philippines, Valkyrie Nightclub, The Place Pool Club and Revel at the Palace are just across the street from Uptown Bonifacio. There is also a mall inside the community called Uptown Mall and the bottom floors of all Uptown condominium will be malls.


Why invest inside BGC

Now, that different business buildings are built and to be built here the potential of renters will be high sooner. Metro Manila traffic is the worst and it will be hard for employees to commute from their home to work that they will be pushed to rent a condominium where they can stay.  

Email if you want to learn more One Uptown, Uptown Ritz or Uptown Parksuites: UptownBonifacioCondos@gmail.com (or Viber for instant chat +63 907 450 3744)

**Some photos used are from www.megaworldfort.com.ph

You can watch the video below to learn more about Matt's first real estate investment. 

Why Onlinejobs.ph Is A Good Marketplace

Wouldn't be nice to work at your home and work anytime of the day instead of working 8 to 9 hours a day at an office where you need to commute 3 to 4 hours traffic before you arrive? There are websites specifically made to help employees find work and help business owners find employees. One of these websites is Onlinejobs.ph. This website has a double purpose: The first is to help Filipinos find work, and the second purpose is to help employers find quality employees at an effective cost.

How to find a job:

Registration – Onlinejobs.ph allows users to log in for free and apply to every posted job they are suited.

(1) All job seekers' profile will contain basic information, education attainment, desired salary and all of your skills.
(2) You can also take examinations to earn points that will show your capabilities on different skills, this will also be seen on your profile that will make you more hireable.
(3) After completing your profile, you can now start browsing job ads.

Application – Users can browse jobs using their search tool where jobs are already sorted.
(1) Type a keyword and there will be jobs relevant to the keyword
(2) Choose from any categories where jobs are sorted according to fields
(3) You can also choose what type of employment you are looking for – Full time, Part time and Freelance

Payment – On every job posted, salaries are already included.
(1) The amount of your salary will depend on your type of employment
(2) Unlike other websites like Upwork, with Onlinejobs.ph there are different ways your employer can send your salary. It could be on Paypal.com, Payments.ph, emoneygram.com, moneybookers.com and
(3) The amount of your salary will be as it is. Onlinejobs.ph will not deduct any fees on it, unlike with Upwork where they deduct employees on every transaction they make with their employers. You better make sure that all you are getting what you work for.
(4) Your salary will be sent to you either weekly, twice a month or monthly depending on what you and your employer agreed to.

How to hire someone:
Registration and Subscription – Same as job seekers, you will fill up forms including basic information like your name or your company. Onlinejobs.ph subscription is sorted with 4 categories.

(1) FREE – of job posting, you can view your worker's profile, use of time proof to monitor them while they're working and you can bookmark workers. With this subscription, you don't need a credit card to register.
(2) PRO MONTHLY – Included in this subscription are all the features on the FREE subscription with added features like the ability to contract the workers, read the worker's reviews and mark the workers as hired. This costs $49 a month, and you can cancel as soon as you hire someone
(3) PRO QUARTERLY – Included features are same as PRO MONTHLY but this is good for three months. Mostly used to save money.
(4) PER YEARLY – Included features are same as PRO MONTHLY and PRO QUARTERLY but you can use all of these for one year which will only cost you $499

Finding your employee 
(1) You can post your job advertisement where job seekers can browse it and apply for it.
(2) You can filter all Onlinejobs.ph job seekers by their criteria in case you are looking someone with special skill/s.

(3) Employers can also leave all the hiring work to Onlinejobs.ph if you are too busy. They can search for a candidate suited to what you are looking for and will undergo verification so you can have the best worker. This service will cost you a recruitment fee.
(4) You can also choose workers from “The Vetted Workers” These workers are highly recommended by their previous employers, and from their recruiting efforts.

Hiring someone 
(1) On your job advertisement, you can choose to have job seekers, email their resume or apply directly using Onlinejobs.ph
(2) Interview them with your own convenience. Skype is the most used communication for interviews.
(3) You can use Timeproof to monitor your worker. This is a very helpful tool especially if you are paying your worker per hour.

I hired my social media manager and blogger from OnlineJobs.ph and prefer it over Upwork and Freelancer.org. The main reason is that Upwork and Freelancer take a percent cut throughout the duration of the contract. While with OnlineJobs.PH, I just have to sign up as a PRO Member for a month then once I find my employee can pay them directly with Paypal. I cancel my PRO membership until the next time I need an employee.

If you want to find your next employee through Onlinejobs.ph just click the image below.

How Much I Earned From A Bestselling Book On Amazon And How I Did It (Ft.SideHustleNation)


When it comes to your “side hustle” work, keep the 3 C's in mind: Creation, Connection, and Contribution. What can you build or offer that others will value? How will it help you forge lasting relationships with your friends, family, and customers? What purpose will it ultimately serve? – Nick Loper

Matt Tran did an interview with Nick Loper from SideHustleNation. Nick Loper is an online entrepreneur and has its own podcast show which is number 1 in iTunes.

How much he earned:

Nick Loper wrote 9 kindle books and it’s all available on Amazon. These books provide him residual income though there is a big decline in revenue after the launch of a book. His recently published book titled: Buy Buttons earned $2600 in the first month of its launch and still makes sales every day. This book is now 6 months old and in the past 3 months he earned $1600 per month from selling his books on Amazon.

How he did it:

Having a big audience is his main secret on how these books became successful and that was a couple of years in the making. “Virtual Assistant: The ultimate guide to finding, hiring and working with virtual assistants” is his first kindle on Amazon. Amazon lets people to publish their own book and will help you market it. The only downside of this is that you have thousands of competitors but that didn't stop him from making the books successful. Here are the four methods or strategies that he used to market his books:


With his podcast show where he did interviews with different entrepreneurs, he was able to write another book entitled Work Smarter. It is a compilation of the entrepreneur's favorite online sources. He also use this as an opportunity to market his book by telling the entrepreneur that he included his favorite online source and that they could share and download it for free. After this method, his book received 22,000 downloads for free and $1400 for that month. This is a good launch strategy to get the book some initial reviews so it doesn’t look empty.

Email Marketing

Nick also tried a different marketing, where he has a thousand list of emails where he sends messages that they can download his book for free and free to leave a review.

Launch Team

With the book Buy Buttons, he used a different strategy. Months before the launch date, he assembled a launch team with more than 200 members. He got these members from his Facebook group and newsletters. He used the launch them to get feedback on the book. He asked them for their opinion on different book covers and different potential titles for the book. Now, the book is earns him $1,500 per month

Registering Organic Domain

Register a domain for your book so you can refer people to it easily. Also let people opt-in their email.

Genius Link App

Not every country has your book / ebook and with the help of genius link services, the app will automatically send the user to the right Amazon link where they can buy the ebook.

Here are links for the detailed information on how he did all of these strategies:

Book Launch #1 (free launch – good for no or small audience): http://www.sidehustlenation.com/engineering-20000-download-kindle-launch-tactics-takeaways-biggest-mistakes/

Book Launch #2 ($0.99 launch – good for larger audiences, w/ income and expenses): http://www.sidehustlenation.com/amazon-book-launch/

Link to his podcast: http://www.sidehustlenation.com/side-hustle-show/

If you wanna know more about this, click the video below:


2 Ways To Get Experience Before Getting A Job

Free education is abundant, all over the internet. It's the desire to learn that's scarce.  – Naval Ravikant, Cofounder and CEO of Angelist

Soon college graduates will be asking this question: How am I supposed to get a work experience if nobody wants to hire me without experience?

You shouldn't worry anymore because here are some of the ways to get experience before getting a job.

Learn On Your Own
Internet is playing a very important role in our lives especially in education. It provides us instant information by means of articles, images, and videos posted on different platforms like YouTube. With YouTube, you can learn almost everything. Let's say you are struggling with Math, patrickJMT a youtube channel will teach you techniques and the easiest way to solve math problems. He’ll help you better understand different equations whether it’s calculus or trigonometry. You can also learn hands-on skills like welding from weldingtipsandtricks. Many of us find it more easy to understand things by watching it rather than by just reading on it.

Apply on websites that cater to college students and new grads
It may be hard for you to get a call despite sending a lot of emails to companies who are looking for new applicants. There’s usual websites where you can find jobs like indeed.com and LinkedIn but these sites may not be suited for you especially if you're a college student or new graduate. You have to realize that you are competing with different applicants with more experience than you. But you don't have to worry because there are site like WayUp.com who specifically cater to people like you. With WayUp, you can build you own profile where you can put all your information and achievements where over 12,000 employers can browse it.

You can sign up on WayUp using my affiliate link:

Or watch it below to learn more on how to get experience before getting a job:

How I Get 11.97% Annual Returns On My Money (Consistently)

Matt gets over 11% annual returns of his money by investing on a website called Prosper. As seen on the screenshot of his last statement below, he has $37,563.91 invested and in interest for that month, he earned $530.



Prosper Statement (Email me if this link ever goes down, sometimes I accidentally clean out things in my drive that I shouldn't)

Prosper is the first marketplace lender in the U.S. when it was launched in 2006. And has now evolved into a personal finance company. There are two ways to use Prosper. You can be a borrower or an investor. Being a borrower, Prosper will give you a small amount of interest compared to the banks and an option of 3 or 5 years of payment. All you have to do is create an account asking you how much do you need, the years of payment, your employment status, bank account and loan's purpose. These information will allow investors to browse individuals and choose where to place depending on how much they want to invest with that person. If a borrower’s loan meets the 75% funded then his loan will automatically deposit to his bank account once their information has been verified.
Just last year, Prosper launched its app called Prosper Daily. With just your mobile you can monitor your loan and investments. Borrowing and investing money is now made easy with Prosper.

If you want an in-depth information about Prosper just click the video below.

You can also use this affiliate link if you want to invest with Prosper http://prosper.evyy.net/c/133515/27098/994

4 High-End Careers (NO DEGREE REQUIRED)


Google is a good example to differentiate the two. As you can see on the photo below, Google's appearance is simple that you can easily determine how you will use and navigate it. That's what UI Designers or User Interface Designers do. They are concerned on how the platform should look like and how should it work. While UX Designers or User Experience Designers they are concerned on how and what the platform users will experience. If you search something on Google and you start navigating the website then you are experiencing what UI Designers did. To sum it up, UI Designers are concerned on the appearance, brand and design of the platform while UX Designers are concerned on how the platform should function and what users should experience while navigating.

UI Designers

UX Designers

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.1 (UX Designer)
Average US rate: $71,918 per year
Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.1 (UI Designer)
Average US rate: $64,157 per year

2. Ad Operations Manager

Try to open any website and examine how it looks like. Most likely it has one or two advertisements place on the slider, above the header, on it's two sides and even on the bottom page. That's what Ad Operators do. They manage those ads to earn revenues. According to AdMonsters.com, Ad Operations refers to process and systems that support the sale and delivery of online advertising. More specifically this is the workflow processes and software systems that are used to sell, input, serve, target and report on the performance of online ads. They are the brain of the digital marketing. Ad Operators learn and solve problems involving advertisements and apply technologies to make money.

You can actually try this right now. Build a website, put contents and try to build a community who can view and navigate it. Then try selling your own products or someone else. And if you already built a bigger community, try to introduce it on small and big companies to invest for an advertisement on your website.

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8
Average US rate: $61,074 per year

3. WordPress Designer

A wordpress designer uses editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator to make a certain graphic design. Unlike Web Developer, WordPress Designer are more on the creative design. But these two works together. Whatever a designer did for the website, a developer is the one who encode this to make it work. If you're that type of person who are into creativity then try this. Most likely you should have a strong knowledge about color scheme, typography and design.

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8
Average US rate: $48K per year. Including potential for bonuses, profit sharing and commission.

4. Social Media Manager / Specialist

This career is the first non-software language skill that is in demand. Both small and large companies are hiring social media manager for their different accounts. Social Media Manager are the ones who are assigned to handle social media accounts and create contents like copy and artworks and blog for the company.They make sure that their social media accounts are reaching the target audience of their product and company for them to earn revenue. In order to be successful in this career, you have to know how to plan and set goals for the social media accounts because you don't want to waste your time and effort doing something for nothing. You also have to know how to build brand awareness.

You shouldn't be worried about learning all of these, you can learn it from watching YouTube videos, attending bootcamps, seminars, convention and internships.

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8
Average US rate: $47K per year

Even though these careers don't required degrees, of course you still need to do a lot of research to learn it. Attending different bootcamps, seminar and interships would really help you gain more knowledge and experience. Also, watching YouTube videos from professionals will be very helpful.

***Work Life Balance Rating are based on at least 60,000 company reviews shared by employees per calendar year. (Acc. to Glassdoor.com)
***Average US Rates are based on payscale.com

Watch it here to lean more about these high-end careers.

How I made $25,000 from a Webinar ft. SuccessInsider

Who would have thought that conducting a webinar will let you earn $25,000? A webinar is a short term for Web-based seminar wherein a presentor is having a live video where he can discuss a specific topic to the viewer. Both presentor and viewer can share opinions, documents and apps through online. Tim Han a youtuber from SuccessInsider recently conduct a webinar training in UK entitled 5 secrets to make 2017 your best year ever yet.

Tim Han also shared some tips on how he manage a successful webinar and earn $25,000 from it.

1. Good traffic source

Having a YouTube Channel and Facebook page help him to gather a lot of traffic that he used to promote his webinar. The good thing about using these two platforms is that you don't have to pay for advertisements to promote your event. And also, you can see how many of your viewers will be interested and you can keep them updated about your upcoming webinar.

2. Objective Handle

Make your objective clear to your audience before and during your webinar. With that you are giving them assurance that what they're going to pay and time is going to be worth it.

3. Make the presentation

As much as possible keep your presentation clean by putting 1 or 2 sentences per slide to prevent the audience from being bored. You can also add images to keep them interested on what you are discussing. A good presentation is a representation of yourself.

4. Practice

Make sure that you know every detail about your topic, presentation, audience and your main goal for the webinar by practicing. By doing it there is a assurance that your webinar is chronologically arrange.

5. Engage with your audience

You have to know who are your audience in order for you to know how you handle them on your discussion. With knowing your audience it will be easy for you to engage them by asking different questions that are relevant to what you are discussing. In order to engage them you should apply different tones and maintain a good posture. Apply different tones if you're discussing different points and if you have something to emphasize that you want the audience to remember. While having a good posture is a body language telling the audience that you are ready and energetic for the whole webinar.

After discussing and sharing the main point of your webinar, you can easily introduce services like one on one coaching, upcoming webinars, promotion of your Youtube Channel
and Facebook group.

If you want to know more on how Tim from SuccessInsider earned $25,000 from a webinar, just click the video below.