Type in: Pharmacy, How to Get a Job, or Computer Science into YouTube you’ll see my videos.

My channel is relatively small at 24,500 subscribers, & yet my videos are on top of some fairly popular searches. Lets talk about how.

Google has gotten smart over the years and have changed the algorithm for search. It’s now based on these factors.

1. Your Channel’s Watch Time.

These are my analytics for the past 28 days. The number of subscribers a channel has doesn’t effect how high it ranks, but the ‘Estimated Minutes Watched’ absolutely does. Even though my channel is relatively small, I have a big amount of minutes watched (1.3 Million per month).

People think that getting views, likes, or shares would be the most important factor. NOPE. It’s all about Minutes Watched, baby. Minutes watched will lead to a higher search ranking, which will lead to an increase in all of those numbers.

2. How Long People Watched THAT Video

Lets take a look at my, “Mechanical Engineer: Expectations vs Reality” video’s audience retention. The average viewer stays on the video for 5 min. & 32 seconds, which is 26% of the video.

Wow, that looks really sad right? On average people are only watching 26% of my video. This is actually really damn good. Notice the 5:32. It’s very rare for people to watch a video for 5:32 on YouTube (This statistic also includes people who click out right away). YouTube identified the video, and said, “This must be a damn good video if people are staying on for that long, lets rank this video high”

Having an overly long video does not hurt your ranking. Only the watch time matters (5:32). So even if people only watched 1% of my video, as long as they watched 5:32 of it, it would still rank high.

3. Are You Getting People Addicted to YouTube?

A big factor in your YouTube rank is how long you get people to stay on YouTube. The longer you get people to stay on YouTube, the higher your rank will be. Luckily for me, my audience tends to be people that are confused about what careers they are going to choose so naturally they browse more YouTube videos (hopefully my videos) to figure out what they will do for their career.

Generating a sense of curiosity and/or excitement will get people hooked on YouTube.

Sum It All Up

These are the 3 key elements to increasing your YouTube rank. Keep chugging until you’re #1 out of 2.4 Million search results.