40 Hours a Week is Straight Up Retarded

I’m not sure about the situation in the circle of people you know. But in my circles, most of the people I know don’t care for their jobs. My parents, friends, and family members. None of them would do a day at their job w/o pay. Meaning, most of them only do it for the sole purpose of making money. Which is fine, everyone needs to make a living, provide value to society, and be paid for it so they can buy things.

The main thing that’s retarded is that typically people are expected to work 40 hours a week at a job they don’t like. There is nothing more encapsulating than working 40+ hours a week at a job that one doesn’t care for.

For a year, I worked at Southern California Gas Co. for as an engineer intern. While I worked there I pretended to like it. I even told people that it’s “not too bad” but since I no longer work there, or ever plan to return to that field, I can genuinely say that it was the most boring and tedious job I ever had. I spent 8 hours a day on excel, or something similar to excel. I would go home tired, go the gym to do a half ass workout, then play league until bed time. Rinse and repeat for life.

At the age of 22 years old, I was thinking of the fastest way I could retire. At one point I was putting 25% of my paycheck into my 401k. That is not the way to live a life. Waiting 30 years so I can stop working. That’s when I knew that I had to change something. I just messed around at that job until I got fired. Luckily, they fired me unethically (technically, I didn’t do anything wrong to justify being fired) which allowed me to collect unemployment benefits. At the time, the economy was taking a shit, Obama extended unemployment benefits, I was able to collect $15,000 in unemployment benefits while still attending engineering school. Screw you socal gas

This is a picture of my tax form for 2013 from Unemployment benefits. I got another 8k in 2012.

This is a picture of my tax form for 2013 from Unemployment benefits. I got another 8k in 2012.

This is real life, not everyone will find their passion job, or even have a passion that can be turned into a job. An overwhelming amount of people will end with jobs they can withstand, that’s realistic. But seriously, do we really need people working 40 hrs a week. After we get off of work at 5pm, we only have about 5 hrs of the day to relax before having to get ready for bed until the next day. I treat every hour after work like the most valuable resource I have, and it stresses the shit out of me

Typically, when I get off work at 5pm, I go straight to the gym, which takes me until 7 pm because of showering & stuff. Then at 7pm, I go out to do something social until about 9:30 pm. Go home, then relax for 1.5 hours until bed time. Rinse & repeat for life. I want more time after work so I don’t have to always think about optimizing every minute, I want extra time to lounge around.

One reason America is obese, drugged up, and alcoholic out is because people are working 40 hours a week. My workouts are not nearly as good as when I was in college. I spend more money on healthy food so I actually have energy to do things after work, and I also spend more money on alcohol on the weekend because I want an escape from thinking about work.

How fucked up is that? I’m working to make money to lower the stress that making money is causing me. If I worked about 30 hours a week, I would still make enough money to get by, (Boohoo I can’t go to EDC, buy a new car, and eat out everyday, OH WELL). But I would have A LOT more time to relax, make videos, write, and hit the gym at 100%. Work wouldn’t bother me as much, therefore, be a lot happier long term. When I’m happy, I don’t spend as much money on things.

People don’t really need as much money as they think they do.

Have you seen how much useless shit people have in their homes?


Is there a big quality of life difference between driving a Civic or a BMW?

Spoiler Alert: No there isn’t, but there’s a huge wallet difference. The price difference between a a Civic and BMW is $10,000 or more, (not counting insurance). Divide $10,000 by how much you make per hour after tax. Is a few months of your life worth the BMW?

Buying nice things or going on escapes doesn’t return the part of your soul taken from you while working at a job that is only bearable.

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  • Hey man, I completely agree. I just started working about 9 months ago and I feel the same damn way about everything. The times I want to spend money are because I don’t have enough time to enjoy the things I already own. Even the gym workouts, I know people at work that try to squeeze a workout in at lunch and eat at their desk afterwards. It’s so stupid, I tried it. Running over to the onsite gym, changing clothes, lifting a few weights, showering and changing and you didn’t hardly get a good workout in. Then people are notorious at my company for working basically FREE OVERTIME. It’s so stupid, most of the older employees even have young kids. It kinda makes me disgusted being around a bunch of Ph.D’s that are obsessed with working this crappy job and ignoring their kids at home. Absolutely worthless.

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