In 2011, I was a junior Mechanical Engineer major at Cal State Long Beach. I saw many friends study useless majors. It pained me to see them waste their time and resources on majors that were not going to lead to a successful career. On August 1st, 2011, I created the YouTube channel EngineeredTruth with the intent to help people chose better career paths.

In the beginning, I was a proponent of Business, Healthcare, and Engineering but after being fired from all 3 of my engineering jobs, I had to find another way to be successful which lead me to entrepreneurship & self-employment. I decided to never return to engineering and to focus on YouTube full-time when I only had 4,300 subscribers and was making roughly $300 per month.

5 years ago, I dreamed of earning over 6-figures while having a luxury condo and a BMW. Over several years of working on my channel, I’ve finally built it to an income of over $10,000 per month (read about it). Though now I don’t care to buy a luxury car or condo. I spend most of my money traveling and meeting new friends (check out my Instagram)

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Matt Tran