Being political on Engineered Truth, unsubscribes < subscribes

I’m still growing despite several people announcing that they’re unsubscribing

Recently, I did a livestream slamming Donald Trump.

In the comments, many people announced that they unsubscribed. But my channel has grown faster than it has ever before since I started livestreaming and being more opinionated.



The green arrows mean positive growth.

I’ll lose about 50 – 150 subscribers immediately after a opinionated livestream then I’ll start gaining as people start to trickle in.

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If you’re a Tai Lopez fan, you’re not a subscriber I want

I know it’s off-topic from my channel’s purpose, but honestly on-topic videos get boring. I can only talk about coding bootcamp, and engineering so much before I want to talk about something else. It also allows me to filter subscribers that don’t align with my values. If you’re a Tai Lopez follower, you’re not a subscriber I want to have. If you’re a Donald Trump supporter, we can still be friends.  I actually agree with some of what Trump says. I don’t think he has actionable plans to do anything, and exaggerates how much “America is losing.” My political stance is moderate so I align more with Hillary Clinton (though I recognize she comes with a host of problems).


My 4 core values

  1. Be realistic
  2. Be accountable for my life
  3. Do what works
  4. Be consistent

My core values align a lot with Republican core values, but unfortunately many follow their core values only when it benefits them directly (which defeats the purpose of core values). I want to make content for people that align with my values and don’t mind losing the rest. I’ll talk in-depth about this in my next blog posts.


Sharing leads to growth and so does talking about trending key words, especially when it pisses people off

Even after yesterday’s opinionated livestream, my channel still gained subscribers over night. Politics has a way of stirring people’s emotions which leads people to sharing my video even if they hate my guts, but inconsequently that leads to an increase in subscribers. Doing livestream also helps me boost my minutes watched up by a lot, resulting an increase in my YouTube ranking. It also allows me to use trending key words like Donald Trump & Tai Lopez which help my ranking as well. You might slam me for being opportunistic, but every other YouTube channel does this. I’m just being open about it.






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