Why Blog when I can Vlog?

If you’re here, it probably means you came from my YouTube channel (EngineeredTruth). You might be wondering why I’m creating a blog when I already make vlogs and youtube videos that express myself. Fair enough question. I’ll give you a fair enough answer.

There is some content much better expressed in the form of writing. Did you read J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, then watched the movie? Did you read Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, then watch the movie? I actually never watched the movie for IHTSBIH. The stories in that book are some of the best stories I’ve read in my life… ever, but I knew they wouldn’t translate well into a motion picture. The amazon reviews confirmed my belief.

Growing up, I didn’t read much at all. The only books I read were Captain Underpants and the Harry Potter series. I remember feeling accomplished because I actually read a book, fuck yeah reading. Except I also got a B in every English class I ever took, no matter how hard I tried. Being raised in a tri-lingual household had it’s disadvantages, one was reading & writing in English, you know, the language that everybody in the US speaks.

At 23 years old, I was interning at SoCal Gas, had my own place, physically fit, and had more money than most of my peers, yet I still couldn’t find someone to love. I was sitting in my studio, lonely as fuck. That’s when I started reading, I started off reading The Game by Neil Strauss, it changed my perspective on everything. I never knew anything could be so beautifully written, that book gave me goosebumps after goosebumps. If someone asked me what was the most influential book I have ever read, it was definitely The Game. In the book, Neil recommends readers to read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker. I read that book and then it all snowballed from there. I was hooked on books like crack cocaine.

Books have influenced my way of thinking so much. It’s gone from one of my most hated & dreaded activities ( I did not read Great Gatsby, To Killing a Mocking Bird, or any of those books for high school) to my most exciting activity. At this point in my life, I can’t imagine having a different favorite activity than reading, it’s just so fucking awesome.

After reading such great works, I’ve been inspired to write. That’s what great content does, it inspires. I was reading a book, Choose Yourself by James Altucher. In the book, he says that almost anyone can get published today for almost no cost by using Amazon’s CreateSpace. Before CreateSpace, people had to be “chosen” by publishers to make a book. Now anyone can write their own book, put it on Amazon, and BAM M*THERF*CKERS A BOOK THAT SELLS.

There’s a reason why I bought a kindle paperwhite as opposed to any other tablet.

  1. Technology-wise it’s the best. Easy on the eyes yet sharpest image
  2. Amazon’s store is amazing, easy to navigate, & best priced
  3. I believe in what Amazon is doing

In a way, Amazon has allowed entrepreneurs to cut middlemen out, and make themselves the only middleman that a entrepreneur  would ever need for ANYTHING, and at a great price.

With that being said, I plan to write my own book. I’m not going to lie, the reason is straight up selfish. I want to move & inspire people like Neil Strauss and Tucker Max did to me. Tucker is no longer writing Fratire, and Neil no longer writes about the game. It’s really up to people my generation to make the next stage of content that will inspire the younger generation to come. I AM THAT GUY.

But first I need to improve my writing abilities and also gain a following of people who actually like my writing. That’s the point of this blog, if you enjoy what I write, then COMMENT and SHARE IT.

It might take me 5 years, might take me 10 years, but I’m going to keep trucking, but I need your feedback to help my writing. CMON INTERNET TROLLS, COME GIVE ME FEEDBACK.

All jokes aside, I want to know what you guys like about my writing and what you don’t like, otherwise I’ll never be able to write to the point where people will pay for my writing.

Thank you guys for reading, I appreciate every minute you spent reading my writing.

Matt Tran

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (movie tie-in): with 16 page photo insert

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  • Good blog, makes me want to read more books now!

  • Honestly you write well. Your English teachers were fools for giving you Bs. I enjoy your writing style and encourage you too write a book. As for grammar mistakes, I don’t see any. I also feel that I am in no way qualified to judge or correct you in any way.

    Your blogs and vlogs are inspiring and meaningful to me. I hope you continue your work. I am constantly waiting for your next work of art.

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