Copywriting – What is it and How to get into it?

Copywriting is a growing industry that many haven’t heard of because it’s not taught in schools. Copywriting has a lot of opportunities to work from home, and opportunities to make a lot of money. Charlie Price has been a copywriter for over 3 years now and runs a facebook group called Traffic and Copy (10,000+ members) where he shares information and tips on how to be a copywriter.

What is Copywriting?
Many of you might be confused of what copywriting is. Some thinks it’s a process where someone copies someone else’s written content online or think that it’s the same as copyright. Copywriting is a process of writing a content which purpose is to advertise or market a certain product. This is usually appeared on social media accounts, brochure, billboards, websites, emails and advertisements on tv. The content what copywriters do is called Copy. It is a short message with a goal of getting the reader’s attention to take an action. The action might be to purchase or engage
with a product, service or company.

Which type of copywriter do you want to become?
If you want to work at an agency, you will be working with different clients. Some of these clients are in need of someone to handle their social media accounts. So basically, you will be copywriting products that they want to sell on social media.
If you want to have a part-time job then go as freelance copywriter. Freelancers write for anyone they choose and want to. Some businesses hire freelancers when there is no in-house writers or they are in need of more writers to do load of works for a certain period of time. The good thing about this is you can explore and get experiences writing for different companies and products.

How big the Copywriting industry is?
There are thousands of advertising agencies where they hire a lot of copy writers for their clients. Their clients are from big and small company who wanted their market to be bought and make a mark on a specific platform. You can also find copywriting jobs by finding companies who are in need of individual copywriter. You can easily find a job because of the internet businesses growing nowadays. Companies need to compete with others in order for their product to be on top.

Do I need a degree to do this?
No. There are copywriters with college degrees and high school graduates. But if you have a degree in English it will be an advantage for you. According to Charlie, a Math degree will also help you with writing. Probably because you will be paying attention on the number of words you
are allowed to write for a certain content. Because copies are usually short but with a direct message to get the reader’s attention.

How to start in this career?
You either start freelancing or being an apprentice. You can find copywriter freelance jobs on websites like elance and upwork. Being an apprentice for a copywriter will also help you build your skills and name. You can also find facebook groups to join like Traffic and Copy. It has been more than 10,000 members. This kind of facebook groups will help you learn more about this career, find jobs and find people who are also in the same career. Charlie started his career by sending cold emails to different companies who needed improvement on their copywriting. He suggested to keep it short, light and conversational.

How much do copywriters make?
Salary depends on different factors. This depends on where and who you are working for, if it is a big or small company. You also need to consider your learning and experience. The more experience you got the bigger the digits are. Charlie also shared that being a copywriter allows him to travel on different countries. Aside from this career he also do e-commerce where he sell his own product and write his own copies to sell it.

If you wanna know more about copywriting you can join Charlie’s Facebook group called Traffic and Copy or you can check out the video here:

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