Digital Thoughts: Top 5 Reasons Digital Marketing Trumps Traditional.

Digital Thoughts: Top 5 Reasons Digital Marketing Trumps Traditional. 

Reason 1: It’s more personally tailored

The world of digital is moving us away from pesky ads that have nothing to do with our own lives; boring ads, dumb ads, ads that you don’t want to see.The power of digital brings with it the ability to target ads in a way that can actually be beneficial to you. I know, right? Ads you want to see? It seems bizarre, but it’s not. It’s digital, and it’s the future. It doesn’t just work in one direction, either. That is, you can tell Google, Facebook and other platforms what you want to see, and what you don’t. The more you use this feature, the better it works.

Reason 2: It makes Marketer’s Jobs Much Better

Okay, so you might not be a marketer, (or maybe you are) but you still benefit from this! Here’s why: Digital takes a huge amount of the guess work out of targeting and running campaigns because we already have so much data to work with. This means that we can show ads that are relevant to you and your life. More specifically to marketers themselves, the amount of detail available to them also contributes not only to the efficiency of targeting campaigns, but also to the overall experience.

Reason 3: Better Integration of Data and Campaigns

Digital allows for the seamless integration of data between avenues of collection, and campaigns. This means more time can be spent doing the real thing. For example, Google Analytics allows for all of your means of measurement and collection to be integrated in one place. Sweet.

Reason 4: Less Financial Risk

As digital marketers, we have access to large amounts of great data. This means when we spend money on campaigns, we have a better idea going in of how it will perform. Further, cost-per-click campaigns don’t require massive amounts of money to be spent, so digital marketers can afford to be a bit testy. Marketers can tell relatively quickly the performance of any given campaign, and can be constantly optimizing it. This is something that’s just not possible when running a billboard ad campaign.

Reason 5:  Versatility and adaptability

 With more advanced and sophisticated technology comes the ability to market in different ways. This is how digital is versatile. No longer are marketers confined to a few different avenues of campaigning; social media, email, ppc, inbound marketing and more all come together to create a versatile and adaptable platform that can be leveraged to the max.

Guest written by Braeden Matson-Jones

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