Easiest Way To Make A Good Looking Resume

Remember that you only have one opportunity to impress someone especially when you’re applying for a job. Entry level positions usually get at least several dozen applicants, and the only way to stand out is by being a bit different.. Novoresume.com is a website where you can easily create a good looking resume. There are several templates you can choose from: Standard, Modern, Classic, Creative, Basic and Professional. These templates are designed to meet your needs. You can easily edit the template according to your likings. There’s two main questions that come up when using Novoresume:

  1. Should you put a picture of your face on your resume?
    1. Most employers will look you up on LinkedIn to see a picture of you anyways so may as well make it convenient for them
  2. My college career counselor told me to make a boring black and white resume. Novoresume templates have a lot of color, is that okay?
      1. When you look at the Novoresume it just pops more. It’s easier to read because of the colors. It’s just common sense that it looks much better. Standing out from the rest of the pack is a big deal when applying for a job and that involves taking a risk in being different

Here are the Novoresume’s features:

Flexibility – Once you insert all your information, you don’t have to worry if you want to change the template because you can easily move it from one to another.

Recruitment Endorsed – All the sections in their resume all carefully placed where the employers look first. So they can easily spot if you are really a fit for their company.

Multilingual – You can easily change the language on your headline.

ATS Friendly – Your novoresume is Applicant Tracking System friendly that gives you the assurance that your resume will not be overlooked.

PDF Converter – After creating your novoresume you can easily convert it to PDF file so you can easily print or send it online.

Diversity – There are a lot of templates you can choose from to fit that job you are applying for.  

If you want to see how to make a novoresume, Justin from EngineeringWorth will show you the step by step on the video below.

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