Get drinks with elite-level entrepreneurs

Go home with high-status pictures and videos for your personal brand


What’s going down

A mastermind is a meeting of like-minded people helping one another to get shit done.
But a mastermind is only as good as the people who are in it.

Join my team and I on a four day event that you’ll never forget.

So picture this… You’re grabbing an unlimited amount of drinks with me and a handful of brilliant people on a rooftop bar, overseeing the beautiful Metro Manila cityscape.

Sounds great, but is it all business?  Fuck, no.

We have some amazing activities planned that will blow your fucking mind.

This isn’t for everybody.

This is for those who want to level up in life.

This is for those who want to build their personal brand, network with elite entrepreneurs, and build lasting relationships in one of the most exotic countries in the world.

Note: We will have photographers and videographers on site. You will receive high quality, personalized photographs of your time at this event.

We want you to build an impressive portfolio with footage and images that you can utilize to enhance your personal brand.

Here’s what’s going down in this exclusive mastermind event:

Day 1: The moment you arrive, you will have a personal driver pick you up from the airport and take you to the 5-star hotel, I’M Hotel. From there, get settled, get dressed, and come meet me upstairs at the famous Antidote Rooftop Bar.

Grab unlimited drinks and get to know the other mastermind attendees, my team, and I.

Day 2: Get your morning coffee and fuel up at the breakfast bar before you join me and my special guest speakers at the Engineered Truth Mastermind at the exclusive Manila House (the only private clubhouse in Metro Manila).

You’ll meet Joe Magnotti, CEO of Empire Flippers, Anthony Cofrancesco, founder of Brainy Flights, and other special guests.
Day 3: Pack a day bag as we’ll head to Tagaytay, home of the island inside a lake inside an island inside a lake inside an island. Seriously, look it up.

Here in Tagaytay, you’ll be part of an amazing outreach program where we will be volunteering our time at the Little Angel’s Home Orphanage. Play games, join activities and be part of something greater than yourself.

This is not only an amazing chance to give back, but we will have a videographer and photographer on site to capture the event.

At the end of the day, we will be checking in at the luxurious Escala Hotel with an overlooking view of Taal Lake.

Here, Joe Magnotti, my team, and I will be providing a 1 on 1 consultation with you.

We will review your short and long-term goals and provide custom feedback and actionable tasks to help you achieve your goals.

Day 4:
 You’re on a yacht, bitch. It’s your last full day, so let’s fucking party. I’m talking unlimited drinks, all you can eat buffet, and an island excursion.
Day 5: You’re heading back home.

Personal Branding


In this mastermind, you’ll go home with 3 things:

1. Friends and connections with elite-level entrepreneurs

2. High-status pictures and videos that you can use for your personal branding
3. An individualized roadmap for your success developed by Joe Magnotti, my team and I


Day 1

EVENING:Arrive at I’M Hotel. 10 PM – 2 AM | Drinks at the rooftop bar

Day 2

MORNING:11 AM | Mastermind meet-up at Manila House

11:15 AM | Presentation by Anthony on travel hacking

12:00 PM | Presentation by Matt on content marketing

12:30 | PM Surprise presentation

1 PM – 4 PM | Breakout into mastermind groups

AFTERNOON: 4 PM – 7 PM: Personal time to digest mastermind content

EVENING: 7PM+ | Meet up for open-ended drinking


Day 3

MORNING: 9 AM | Head to Escala Hotel

10:30 AM – 4 PM | 1-on-1 consulting with Joe Magnotti & Matt Tran

AFTERNOON: 4:30 PM – 7 PM | Outreach at Little Angel’s Home Orphanage

EVENING: 7 PM – 10 PM | Finish 1-on-1 consulting with Joe Magnotti & Matt Tran


Day 4

MORNING: 10 AM | Group up and head to yacht

AFTERNOON: 12 PM | Arrive at Corregidor Island and explore ruins

EVENING: Socialize & drink on yacht while taking lifestyle footage


Day 5


You’ll go home with personal branding pictures and videos from the whole mastermind.

This is an all-inclusive event. Everything is included in the price from A – Z.

Hotel, food, drinks, transportation, yacht, conference room, and airport transport are all included in the price (flight not included).

Are you interested?

We’re limiting the mastermind to only 10 attendees. To apply, click on the link below and fill out the application.

If we like your attitude, we’ll schedule an online interview with you.

Only apply if you’re willing to commit to going to the mastermind.

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