How I Get 11.97% Annual Returns On My Money (Consistently)

Matt gets over 11% annual returns of his money by investing on a website called Prosper. As seen on the screenshot of his last statement below, he has $37,563.91 invested and in interest for that month, he earned $530.…

Prosper Statement (Email me if this link ever goes down, sometimes I accidentally clean out things in my drive that I shouldn’t)

Prosper is the first marketplace lender in the U.S. when it was launched in 2006. And has now evolved into a personal finance company. There are two ways to use Prosper. You can be a borrower or an investor. Being a borrower, Prosper will give you a small amount of interest compared to the banks and an option of 3 or 5 years of payment. All you have to do is create an account asking you how much do you need, the years of payment, your employment status, bank account and loan’s purpose. These information will allow investors to browse individuals and choose where to place depending on how much they want to invest with that person. If a borrower’s loan meets the 75% funded then his loan will automatically deposit to his bank account once their information has been verified.
Just last year, Prosper launched its app called Prosper Daily. With just your mobile you can monitor your loan and investments. Borrowing and investing money is now made easy with Prosper.

If you want an in-depth information about Prosper just click the video below.

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