How to get a shitload of legal services for $20 / month

One of my subscribers introduced me to some big time representatives of LegalShield. I listen to what their app does and I was amazed. The services it offers for $20 /month is a huge bargain and is a must have for any adult.

I wish I knew about this app years ago, there’s been a few times I could’ve used this in my life:

  1. I was renting an apartment in LA, and my bottom neighbor would come up and threaten me because he said I made too much noise while walking around in my apartment. In the lease it said I could break it if I felt threatened. Even with the property manager backing up everything I said, the office still made me find a replacement to break my lease. If I had LegalShield, they could’ve called the office on my behalf and I would’ve been able to just walk away from the lease.
  2. I just bought a condo in the Philippines (see this video). I reviewed my own contract, but it would’ve been much better to have a lawyer from LegalShield review it
  3. Every time I’ve been pulled over by cops at night, they will threaten me to search my stuff until I let them. If I had LegalShield, I could’ve just called the emergency line and protected myself from a search.

Click here to learn more about LegalShield

If you want to learn more about what LegalShield can do check out my video here:

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