How To Teach Yourself Code (ft. Quincy Larson)

Thousands of people have become web developers by using FreeCodeCamp. It is a website where you can learn code through their focused, interactive courses and tutorials. And the good thing about this is that it’s free. You can also earn certifications by the end of each course.

Quincy Larson, the creator of FreeCodeCamp shared some tips on how teach yourself code.

  1. Code everyday

It will be easy for you to understand code if you do it every single day. You start with the basics, try it, experience errors and try to solve it. If you do this every day, it will become a habit and coding will be easier for you. Just keep going. But if it’s really hard for you to build this habit then you can try to motivate yourself by thinking that you can actually do something big,  make something you believe in. Or try the Promodoro technique which can help you to free from distraction so you can focus more on what you are doing. Promodoro technique is where you get rid of all distractions and set a timer for 25min. The goal is to just do 25min of interrupted work. Many people find that after one 25min set, they’re in the mood to do another set after a short break.

  1. Hangout with other people who code

Hangout with someone who can code, someone with whom you can share your coding experiences with. If you don’t know someone try going meetups. You can usually find meetups on Facebook groups like Free Code Camp –  Los Angeles or on

  1. The tools don’t really matter

It doesn’t matter what type of tools you’re going to use especially if you’re just going to start coding. Instead of worrying about what tools you should use, just focus on coding. Ignore those people who tell you what tool you should use and what you shouldn’t. Focusing on coding and building software is much better.  

With regards to choosing what language to start with, JavaScript is the first best thing you should learn because it is the only coding language where there are not enough Javascript developers to fill all the open positions.

  1. Don’t worry what to build, focus on how to built it

It is great if you have something in mind that you want to code, but the downside of this is that you will be more focused on what you are building and not on how you are going to build. You can also use sites like FreeCodeCamp that provide sets of actual projects So you can focus on how to build something and now what to build.

  1. Contribute to Open Source

Open Source are computer software which can be download and worked on by anyone who is interested in enhancing the software. There is usually a community of developers that control what is accepted into the published versions. This is actually a good to start on getting experiences. FreeCodeCam is open source and allows any users to contribute to it. It’s not as complicated as it seems, some tickets are simple typo fixes.

You can watch the whole video by clicking the link below to get more tips from Quincy Larson and learn how FreeCodeCamp work.

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