I Suck At YouTube

For the past few months, the growth on EngineeredTruth has been the same. I’ve been getting about 3,500 subscribers per month and 350,000 views per month for about 4 months in a row now. This has discouraged me a lot.

Right now, I’m working on Bro Science Life’s social media accounts. I create the posts for their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Bro Science Life started at about the same time I did in 2011, and now they have 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube while I struggle with 53k. When I do meet people, they’re decently impressed by the fact that I have 53k, but I can’t help compare myself to people that grew much quicker.

During 2014, I took my YouTube channel fulltime and it didn’t grow enough to where I could make a good living. I got a job making YouTube videos for BikeBerry.com and GrowAce.com (owned by the same person). The people there were great (I still keep in touch with my boss and coworkers), and it allowed me to get paid to learn more video editing skills. After 9 months there, I got a contract to work on Uproxx.com’s social media accounts. I quit my job at BikeBerry/Growace, and continue to still work at Uproxx

It would be awesome to have a gigantic YouTube channel, but unfortunately I haven’t reached that dream yet. But when I actually look at my career. It’s really good. Bro Science Life is my favorite YouTube channel so being able to work with them is amazing  #FanGirling! I also enjoy the work I do for Uproxx. To be honest, I enjoy the social media work more than I enjoy creating my own YouTube videos.

I know people repeatedly say, “Be your own boss!” “If you’re an employee, you’re making someone else rich!” but being your own boss doesn’t match most people’s personality. Let’s go over the 3 types of ways to make a living:

  1. Be your own boss
  2. Be an employee
  3. Be your own boss and be an employee

Right now option 3, I’m my own boss and an employee. I actually like this option because it gives me the greatest opportunity to learn. When I work for a company, I get to see how big organizations work. I learn about fields that I wouldn’t get to experience if I was self-employed (e.g. ad sales, operations, IT, accounting).

Generally, if you’re a person who enjoys team-centered games (e.g. soccer, football, league of legends, World of Warcraft), you’ll likely enjoy working for a company because companies are teams. Most people enjoy being in a buzzing social environment and that’s what companies are. If you’re a person who enjoys solo-centered games (e.g. mixed martial arts, Starcraft, chess) then you’ll likely enjoy being self-employed.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I’m ~70% a team person and ~30% a solo person. I mostly enjoy working for a team, but I also enjoy having my own little section to work in so that I don’t have to constantly debate about details.

It’s beautiful to me when a team pulls together to accomplish a goal. My business partner James trusts me to finish all the posts for Bro Science Life, and I trust him to handle all the stuff on the business side. Something about trusting another human being with your survivability is really appealing to me.

I learned that I shouldn’t strive to be my own boss just because every businessinsider article tells me that’s what I should want. Right now, I learn the most from doing both, and that’s more effective than trying to jam myself into one category.


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