Rich Friends, Poor Friends: Season 3 (6 Steps to Career Enlightenment)

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Before we start Rich Friends, Poor Friends: Season 3, lets quickly recap Season 1 and Season 2.

In Season 1, we compared the mindsets of Rich vs Poor. Here are some of my favorite:

  • The Poor are afraid of losing money, the Rich are afraid of losing opportunity.
  • The Poor wait to solve their problems, the Rich solve their problems immediately.
  • The Poor hate being sold to, the Rich appreciate a good sales pitch.

After all, how are you suppose to own a company if you hate sales?

In Season 2, you learned that you can greatly increase the number of opportunities coming your way if you just take a few good pictures of yourself.

Whether that’s in business or on tinder.

Sure there are a lot of successful people out there that don’t have a personal brand.

But if you want opportunities to come knocking on your inbox, the best way is to have a personal brand.

In this season, we’re going to cover the 6 Steps to Career Enlightenment.

Most people think that success is random and involves quite a bit of luck.

And that their road to success will be unique and different.

Since joining the world of online business, I’ve met a few hundred individuals who left corporate America.

And now they’re making more money than they ever would’ve at their office job.

One thing I noticed is how similar all of our stories are.

The typical six steps are:

  1. Menial job (Round Table Pizza for me)
  2. Professional job (Engineer)
  3. Self-Employed
  4. ‘I don’t wanna work’ phase (4-hour workweek + outsourcing all the work)
  5. ‘JK I do wanna work’ phase (building a company with real employees)
  6. Investor (buying & holding cashflow assets)

People often fail in life because they try to skip steps to career enlightenment without proper guidance.

Here’s a triggering question that I frequently get when I livestream:

I’m studying web development on my own, how can I start my own web development company?

Ans: Honestly, it’s unlikely that you’re going to create a profitable web development company when you have never freelanced or worked as a web developer before.

You don’t know enough to start your own company.

You’re trying to skip step 2 and go straight to step 5.

Sure some people have skipped a few steps here and there, but generally, most successful have followed these six steps.

So in Rich Friends, Poor Friends: Season 3 Episode 1, we’re going to talk about the six steps to career enlightenment.

Click here to watch RFPF: S3 EP1 (6 Steps to Career Enlightenment)

In Episode 2, we’re going to talk about why you wouldn’t want to progress to the next step in career enlightenment.

Because each step has serious trade-offs, and those trade-offs may not be worth it to you.

And in Episode 3, I’m going to show you the most efficient method to go from Step 2 (professional job) to Step 6 (Investor).

I’ll show you how to skip steps 3, 4, and 5.

But with that being said, be sure to enjoy Episode 1 first:

Click here to watch RFPF: S3 EP1 (6 Steps to Career Enlightenment)

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