Three Reasons Why it Sucks to go to College Right Now

You hear it all the time from your parents to the rest of society: Go to college to get good grades then graduate with at least a four-year degree in order to get a lucrative job. After all, a majority of jobs on the market require a college degree, why would you not want to go to college?

However in this day and age of online courses and using YouTube to learn a variety of subjects, here are the three reasons why it sucks to college right now:

1. The Cost is Too Damn High

Think very carefully, would you rather spend six figures on a worthless piece of paper that basically says that you’re an adult when you don’t even know how to pay a rental bill? Or spend it on a nice sweet convertible of your choice?

2. College Does Not Teach the Skills Required in the Job Market

College students will routinely complain about how they have to take certain classes to fulfill prerequisites in order to major in the degree that they desire. Do they really need to take a History class to satisfy a requirement for a Mathematics degree? Worse, some of the classes offered in Majors that claim to have good job placement, tend to teach material that’s outdated and not suitable for today’s job market.

Even more, the job market is hurting for those with skills in areas such as Digital Marketing and Copywriting, which do not require a college degree and at most, investing in a quality online course.

How would a recent college graduate with a degree in Business feel when they are passed over when a company decides to hire a dropout who invested in an online Digital Marketing course? They would feel that they’ve been misled by the higher education institutions.

3. College Will Not Help You Find Work

Sit at any social outing with numerous college students and they will complain about how hard their classes are. Many, especially those that are about to graduate, will also complain about how they might not be able to find a job because they don’t have internship experience. The way college is structured forces many students to prioritize academics over finding some work experience in order to get good grades, which then leaves students struggling to find work when the work they desire demands for some sort of work experience.

College is a terrible investment to make right now. You are much better off if you attempt to find any entry level work or investing in a good online course that teaches skills that business are hurting for. In that way, you will save money, your mind, and have a good potential for the future.

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