What is the best career field in 2018?

Look, this is an easy one. And don’t take it from me, take it from 2 of the biggest job search platforms: Indeed and Linkedin. Why did I use these as reference? Because unlike most publications, pundits and college administrators, these are platforms that actually get people jobs. THEY KNOW.

Indeed is a very simple site, pretty easily described as Google for finding jobs. According to Alexa (company that tracks online traffic), it is the 57th most popular site in the United States. Here is what Indeed says are the best jobs based on “salary (jobs with a baseline salary of at least $75,000) and abundance of opportunity (jobs which have seen the most growth on Indeed since 2014).”

  1. Commercial Project Manager
  2. Full Stack Developer
  3. Computer Vision Engineer
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Preconstruction Manager
  6. Construction Superintendent
  7. Optometrist
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Chief Estimator
  10. Development Operations Engineer

Notice something? 5 out of the 10 are software related.

Hold on, let’s look at what LinkedIn has to say, the 12th most popular website in the United States.

Below is a list of the the most promising jobs based on salary, career advancement, job openings, job market growth and regional accessibility.

  1. Engagement Lead
  2. Software Engineering Manager
  3. Customer Success Manager
  4. Solutions Architect
  5. Sales Director
  6. Engineering Manager
  7. Program Manager
  8. Product Manager
  9. Data Scientist
  10. Enterprise Account Manager

3 out of the ten are software related, that’s almost a third.

Look, I am not saying you should get a career in software. At the end of the day, we’re just saying from a very objective, practical standpoint, software is very practical. This does not include passions, personal inclinations or experience. Only you know what is best for you, but I’m just trying to make the decisions of prospective job seekers a little easier.

Note 1: A degree in Computer Science, will not, by any means, grant you these jobs. These are high end careers that require plenty of hard work and practice, just a degree won’t do it.

Note 2: I am not a software engineer of any kind, just using data from reputable sources. I did run a Web Company and contracted web/software engineers.

Written By Max from www.Amitly.com | Amitly is a media company that promotes modern day educators with a focus on online course creators.


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