Data Scientist vs Web Developer: What’s A Better Career?

As you can see below, Data Scientist has been the highest-ranked job in the United States for the past 2 years according to Glassdoor.

With an average salary of $120k/year and super high demand, it’s easy to say that becoming Data Scientist will surely be a lucrative career.

However, before the rising demand of Data Scientists, there was (and still is) a large demand for Web Developers with an average salary of $80k/year.

In this article, we’re going to compare Web Development and Data Science as careers and determine which is a better fit for you.

Interested in learning these computer-based jobs? Let’s get into it!

How Do You Learn Data Science And How Do You Learn Web Development?

When Web Development was in a big trend, there were online courses and boot camps at every corner, which are all phenomenal ways to learn!

During that time, there wasn’t much education to be learned for Data Science, so the only qualifications that were required were Master’s Degrees in either mathematics or accounting.

Now, you can find boot camps for both Web Development and Data Science.

What’s The Better Career Option?

Based on the information so far, you would probably assume that becoming a Data Scientist would be the optimal decision by far because of the reasons below

Those are all very valid reasons to become a Data Scientist but hold your horses! Don’t disregard the last point in the image above.

Although there are Data Science bootcamps, 80% of Data Scientists have master’s degrees. Meaning, it’s going to take much longer to become a Data Scientist because a bootcamp will not be enough to get your foot in the door.

On the other end, the barrier to entry for Web Developers is much easier. All you would really need to do is participate in a Web Developer bootcamp and you’ll be well on your way!

Although the average salary is smaller, you’ll still be getting paid lucratively if you are a good Web Developer. This means that

  • You’re good at communication.
  • You’re good at coding.
  • You’re able to create websites and/or web applications.

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For the majority of people, it makes more sense to spend your time to become a Web Developer over a Data Scientist because

  • It allows you to be more creative.
  • It’s much more tangible.
  • It’s much more rewarding because of the reasons above.

With Data Science, it’s much harder to see the practical use of your job because

  • You’re creating reports.
  • You’re cleaning up data.
  • It’s more abstract because of the reasons above.
  • There aren’t too many positions available, only ones at large companies.

Now, I won’t lie. The extra $30k per year does sound nice on the Data Science side but it’s not all about the money. Pick the career option that is going to be the most fulfilling in your life!

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