Why Mechanical Engineering Is a Dead End

Mechanical engineering applies engineering, physics, Engineering Mathematics, and materials science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. It is actually one of the oldest and broadest disciplines in the category of engineering.

Some say that mechanical engineers are some of the most productive people in the world, but the job market for this profession is lacking. In fact, only 1 in 10 engineering grads will actually work as an engineer.

Engineering as a Career

Many engineers will choose to focus on a specific specialization, and mechanical engineers are just one group of people that choose to create solutions and solve problems. The problem with this is that hundreds, even thousands, of other people are thinking and wanting the exact same thing.

As a mechanical engineer, you may be responsible for researching and developing products, finding ways to improve production processes, designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications, and developing and using new materials and technologies − just to name a few.

Many people actually find that engineering isn’t as glamorous as it is made out to be and many find themselves unhappy, bored, and feeling constricted − that is if they managed to even find a job.

They report the lack of creativity and ingenuity and even describe the work as being monotonous. Tesla’s Induction motor and neon lighting were pretty exciting, though, right? Well, this isn’t the norm in the industry. This view of dynamic wonder and inspired invention is often few and far between.

The Starting Salary

The median annual wage for a mechanical engineer in May 2018 was $87,730. The starting salary for a mechanical engineer − depending on skills, location, and experience − may also be much lower than this.  A typical entry-level education for a mechanical engineer position is a bachelor’s degree. To gain this level of education, it is going to cost you a lot in the way of time and money with no guarantee of a decent paying job placement in the future.

A Very Broad Category

Are you really willing to spend all that time and money to earn the title of a mechanical engineer if you know how hard it is to actually land a job out of school? There are approximately 30,000 graduates each year, and there are only 2,500 job openings available. So, thousands of these graduates are going to find themselves without a job, and instead, they will be saddled down with crippling student loan debt, mounting bills, and a good amount of desperation.

Not really what a fresh graduate sees for their future, right?

Even saying 1 out of 10 will land a job is being awfully generous. While many may throw insults and get upset that we seem to be downplaying a once robust career, the truth is, that we are just thinking about the data. As an engineer, you learn to think logically and efficiently. You have to be unbiased with the data. So, why is this any different?

Don’t believe us? Research it yourself. You can find this same information in less than fifteen minutes with a few simple Google searches. So, what can you do to avoid this heartache and incredible waste of time and money?

Consider focusing on more technology-based jobs rather than the dead end a mechanical engineering career offers.

Technology vs. Mechanical Engineering Jobs

When you are in school and thinking about the job market you are about to enter; you want to make sure that you are going into an industry that is in demand. Don’t put yourself in a position of graduating from school as a mechanical engineer and not being able to land a job. Instead, choose a viable skill; choose something that companies just can’t live without.

We are in a very digitally driven age, and technology plays a very critical role in the success and growth of business. Therefore, you need to recognize this and take advantage of the opportunity. Visual marketing and web development, for example, are two positions that companies are always scrambling to fill.

There is a high demand for these jobs because all of these companies are in competition with each other and higher search rankings, more traffic, and more sales all mean higher success. Visual elements are key components to a business’s marketing campaign, so they need people who can create this essential visual branding.

Web development is another facet to consider because this is what a company uses to increase their product knowledge, maintain communication with their potential clients, sell their products, and generate more leads. There are millions of websites currently making an appearance on the internet. Web development is always needed to create websites that stand apart from the competition and get the business noticed. It is a very in-demand job that you can take advantage of.

The Rise of Software Engineers

Software engineers combine the scientific knowledge of engineering with technical skills and apply these principles and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games and apps, and even run network control systems.

Software engineer employment is projected to grow much faster than the averages for all other occupations. This is due to the increased demand for new apps to be used on smartphones and mobile devices. Companies need this technology to thrive, so the demand for software developers continues to grow. You will find that there are 49,000 available software engineering jobs compared to only 6,000 mechanical engineering jobs.

Switching Positions

If you are currently in school and almost finished with your program, then go ahead and finish and try your luck at landing a job. You could also consider switching. Data science is another career that can prove to be lucrative. They are responsible for business analytics and building data products and software platforms. Data scientists have been known to earn a six-figure income on average, and the demand for this skillset is growing exponentially.

Don’t find yourself going the route of a dead end job like mechanical engineering. Instead, use those smarts to find a career path in something that is much more in demand. Emerging technologies are going to continue to be responsible for in-demand jobs, and data scientists have held the number one best job in America position for years now, according to Glassdoor.

Consider all this data before choosing to continue as a mechanical engineer. You may find that your skills are better suited elsewhere.

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